Chocolate covered peanut butter filled dates | vegan | christmas candy

Christmas time is coming up and that can also mean time to bake and make some christmas candy!!

I can’t say i am a huge fan of the christmas candy and don’t really feel the need to veganize the typical Christmas candy. However i will be making more vegan cinnamon buns and saffron buns as well as a christmas cake/dessert!

If you are thinking about Christmas candy to make…. or just want a sweet and salty snack, then this is for you!

Dates filled with peanut butter (or nut butter of choice) and then coated with melted chocolate. And optional, adding some sea salt or a pinch of salt!

Takes about 10-15 minutes to make, and then keep them in the feeezer about 15 minutes or longer so that chocolate hardens. Optional, keep them in the fridge but then it takes longer for the chocolate to harden!!

Almost like a simple and home made snickers!!


Dates – however many you want. Note, i recommend using fresh dates and not dried ones. (I made 16)

Dark chocolate (or any other vegan chocolate) (i used 200g)

Nut butter of choice

Sea salt

How to:

Begin by melting the chocolate. I do this by placing a bowl ontop of a pot with boiling water. And placing the chocolate in the bowl and allowing to melt. Just make sure that the bowl you use can withstand the heat. Otherwise you can microwave the chocolate in 30second bouts on high heat.

In the mean time, cut open/make a slice in the dates. And remove the seed if they aren’t already seedless.

Place some nut butter in the dates.

If the chocolate still hasn’t melted. Place the peanut butter filled dates in the freezer.

Once the chocolate is melted add a pinch of salt (that is optional!). Then coat the dates in chocolate (use a fork or utensil so you don’t burn yourself.)

Then place on a baking sheet and into the freezer.

If you have left over chocolate – coat the dates twice. Or why not make peanut butter cups?

Let the chocolate harden and then eat and enjoy!!!

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