Creamy vegetable one pot pasta | 15 minute recipe | Vegan

Let’s be honest…. one of the worst parts about cooking is having to clean up.

Or that is how it is for me anyway. Of course, as i like to cook and cook often, it also results in having to do the dishes daily. And when i meal prep there is a huge pile of dishes waiting to be cleaned which is the worst.

So what better than minimizing the amount that needs to be cleaned by making one pot pasta?

The only thing you then need to clean is the pot as well as a knife, fork and chopping board. And you even minimize the washing by eating straight from the pot, haha.


Making a creamy pasta dish doesn’t seem to be my forte but i think i have figured out the trick! To make the best creamy pasta sauce, the best is to make the sauce in another pot – and then add the pasta. But you could of course just pour the sauce ingredients into the drained pasta. However it might not turn out as creamy.

(So if you want to save the amount of dishes you could 1) boil the pasta. 2) drain the pasta. 3)Pour the pasta into your plate/bowl. 4)Make the sauce in the same pot. 5) When the sauce has thickened, pour in the pasta and the veggies and mix 6) pour the pasta mix back into your serving bowl/plate!)

You can use whatever vegetables you like, but peppers and tomatoes and sweet corn are recommended!!

one pot pasta

The sauce flavours can vary endlessly.. but it is a good base.

Other ways to get creamy pasta sauce is to use cashews which you soak and then mix!

Also another good dish to save dishes is one pot lentils – or different vegetable soups where you just throw everything into a pot 🙂

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  1. I’m a huge fan of your creamy pasta recipes!! This will be the third one I try… Adding that oat cream to pasta has been game-changer, thank you!


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