Life update – my thoughts

LIfe update!

It feels like it’s been a while since i last wrote a personal/life update….. And i really don’t know/can’t remember what i have shared or not shared.

Life recently has had it’s up’s and downs.


The good times – being with friends and laughing/having a good time, long conversations wtih friends, going to the gym or for walks, talking with my family. Also i have been working which i do enjoy as it gives me a break from being stuck in my studying mindset!

The bad times – lots and lots of anxiety. Apart from the few moments of happiness mentioned above, i have been very anxious. And it hasn’t helped that my computer stopped working and it has been a hassle trying to get help/service for it. Of course i am in a dilemma of whether it is worth it to repair it or whether i buy a new computer… whicheven is cheaper is the option i will go for. But the thing that has given me the most anxiety, is that all my school work – and pretty much my whole life is on my computer. Luckily alot of it was baked up, but it still sucks. And i mostly want to know what the problem is. Otherwise life in general has been stressful with school work and other school/work related things which have stressed me out. But i have tried to just stay calm and take one thing at a time.

And if i am honest… i am positive and calm and not so stressed, but sometimes i feel like i just need a day to break down, feel extremely stressed and anxious and complain and get it out of my system and then i am back to feeling more positive again.

I need to find a new pose… hahahah

My goal is to start sharing more on here again – sharing more personal/life updates as well as nutrition and vegan related posts! Maybe some Christmas posts such as Vegan christmas gift ideas? Vegan christmas food ideas/baking ideas? etc etc

So it is just to leave your ideas, and if you have any questions for me!

Also once i get my computer back my goal is to begin with YouTube again. I feel like there is no point filming anything if i can’t edit it – and then  won’t be able to publish until maybe 2-3 weeks… it seems a little silly to post a what i eat in day 3 weeks later…?


This weekend i am looking forward to two days off from studying – of course that means i am trying to get as much done as i can before those two days, but it will be nice to be with my family!

Anyway, I am so sorry for being a little off recently – maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t. But i have had it a little tough recently, but now i am motivated, positive and ready to get back into my positive mindset and sharing more of my thoughts and life and making time for blogging again!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. M. says:

    It is nice that you are back! the computer situation does sound stressful….


  2. Lily says:

    I hope you feel OK though!
    I have a question, maybe not a stand alone topic but I’m interested in what you think about killing bugs and insects at one’s home. Like recently some ants appeared in my room and actually I smash them every time I see one, but sometimes it occurs to me, that this is definately not vegan! So how should one keep the house clean and not cause cruelty at the same time?


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