Vegan lasagne recipe

I need to stop saying that i don’t like certain foods, because turns out that i do infact like many of the foods i say i don’t like.

Last weekend when i was at home with my parents, my step dad made an eggplant lasgane which was soo good! I was inspired by that meal and decided to make my own and to share a recipe!

I have to say…. this turned out super good, and if you ever want to impress someone with your cooking, this is a good recipe. 1) because it is easy to make, 2) tastes and delicious and 3) you can make alot of it!

Using vegan cheese is optional – but it does give it extra creaminess.  Also add as much – or as little – spices and seasonings as you like.  I just went for basic salt, pepper and basil!

Note: lasts several days in the fridge, and is fine to eat cold!




Copy of Copy of Copy of Blue and Pink Chocolate Cake General Recipe Card (2)



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  1. carol says:

    Yummy looking recipe! I was the same thinking I didn’t like sweet ‘and’ sour sauce but decided to try it on a whim, and found I did actually like it! its funny how your tastes change 🙂


  2. This lasagne looks amazing! I was the same with eggplant my entire life… Now I love it! 💜


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