The week that’s been – My birthday, weekend in Stockholm and the past week

Hello and good morning everyone!

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write some posts all week, but there just hasn’t been time. It feels like i have been saying that alot recently, but this whole term has been filled with school assignments and i am still studying 2 courses at once so there is a whole bunch of reading and writing to do. Not to mention that i also have to apply for internship, which is taking alot of time and energy (worrying that i won’t find somewhere to do my internship), as well as having other things outside of school that i need to work on!

I still enjoy blogging and it is not something i want to give up, so still tring to keep up with some type of regular blogging!

Last week was my birthday – and i want to thank everyone who congratulated me and sent me messages. I know i may not have replied to everyone yet, but it does mean alot to me!

My birthday was spent with my family, and even my dad who lives in Ireland was over and visited! I even spent the my birthday with my friends at the Fitness Festival. For those who have followed my blog for several years know that i have been to it pretty much every year the past several years, and even worked there one year! I mostly went to be with my friends as the range of vegan items is limited, not to mention that alot of the supplements sold are unnecessary and just a waste of money. But it was fun to be with friends, and the few hours i was there was enough for me.

Then it was birthday celebrations with my family to end the day! 


The rest of the weekend i mostly walked around Stockholm with my family, we went through a Chritmas market, ate some food and just wandered around the city.

Then Sunday evening it was time for me to head home – and finally sit down and begin to prepare my presentation i had on Monday morning!


It was nice to have a break and be with family, but it was also not the best timing as i had a presentation Monday morning and an exam on Friday which there wasn’t so much time to study for. But i am reminding myself, that even if school is my number 1 priority, i can’t spend my whole youth and all my years in unversity just reading and studying. I also need to take breaks and allow myself those mental breaks from studying – to be with friends and family for more than just a few hours! Even if school and studying is important, so is actually living and being with friends and family!

I did film my weekend away, so i am trying to edit that now. However, i think it might take a while as the computer i am currently using isn’t the best for editing films as it is rather old and it takes a VERY LONG time and the computer slows down alot when editing. But for anyone interested in seeing Stockholm and maybe a bit more of me, i will let you know when those are posted 🙂

The rest of the week? Well i had my presentation, which also included showing a food intake calculated for a powerlifter on a competition day. (We had to write an essay and calculate the nutrition required for a training and competition day of a certain individual in a certain sport!). The burger was supposed to be a bacon burger with mayonnaise but i made it vegan as there was no point buying food that wouldn’t be eaten. [Also note, on the training day the food had to be according to recommendations and to reach the different requirements for the total day/pre workout/post workout recommendations. But on the competition day it was just about optimal energy for competing and not about reaching nutritional recommendations)


I was super surprised – and happy – when i realised i got max points on my exam in one of my previous courses! I wasn’t even sure i would pass the test, haha


The rest of the week, Tuesday-Thursday i basically sat infront of the computer studying for my exam – with a few breaks to get some fresh air and cook food. I have to admit, after my exam on Friday i definitely feel a little uncertain of the results. There were definitely a few tough questions – some of which i knew i had read but couldn’t remember the answer, and a few which i just had no idea the answer of.

I have to say, this sports nutrition course has been really good and eye opening for me. It has got me thinking about my own intake regarding exercise. But i will try to share some information and thoughts i have regardining sports nutrition sometime this weekend or next week 🙂

And that has been  my week…. a week that has just flown by!!  I am looking forward to a weekend which isn’t as stressful, where i have time to watch YouTube and rest, but also get some other stuff done!!!

I hope you have all had a great week and have a lovely weekend!

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  1. carol says:

    Congratulations for passing your tests – its nice when all your hard work is rewarded like this 🙂 Sounds like you have had a full on week – maybe you can relax a bit now. Love your photos you have included, Stockholm looks so interesting! I would really like to see more photos if you have time? We have cobbled streets in some areas here too!


  2. I totally get you, this month is being absolute madness and I’m super overwhelmed with thousands of things to do… but as you said, it’s also important to take some times to just relax, be with our loved ones and have a little fun. I’m looking forward to your post on sport nutrition!


  3. carol says:

    what kind of internship are you intending to do?


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