Oumph! ribs – Christmas dinner recipe | Vegan

I am the type of vegan who actually likes fake meat and vegan meat alternatives. I like the texture and taste it adds.

Sure, i also love whole foods and like being able to make burgers and balls from beans and lentils and vegetables. But they often lack texture and can often be mushy, or at best… a little crunchy. So for me, a balance of both works well.

On the christmas table this year, i am hoping that there will be a mix of both home made, wholefood recipes as well as some store bought vegan meat balls or Oumph!. I still don’t know what we will be making or eating for Christmas this year, but i love making these recipes to post beforehand to inspire some of you on what you can make for your Christmas table (or any other day as well!).


Sure, what is typical to eat for the holiday season, varies on where you live. Each country has different traditions and typical meals, so my meals are inspired by swedish classic recipes.

This is a recipe you should definitely try! You could also choose to use seitan or even tofu or tempeh instead of Oumph!, but i like the texture that Oumph! adds.


This turned out so so good! So if you like fake meat or miss “saucy meat” dishes… then i highly recommend you make this! Also, i can imagine it is super tasty combined with some noodles!

Copy of Copy of Copy of Blue and Pink Chocolate Cake General Recipe Card (3)


The recipe for the spinach puff pastries is HERE or make pizza rolls: HERE

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