Chirstmass-y red cabbage salad | Rödkålssallad

Here in Sweden, during Christmas there are alot of foods and dishes that involve different forms of cabbage.

Cabbage is both cheap and nutritious but also grown in Sweden and during winter it is in season, so it’s a good vegetable to buy and make dishes with during winter. Also during winter and Christmas we use the spice “kryddnejlika” which translates to clove, alot in the seasonal dishes.

I actually didn’t know what kryddnejlika was in english as i don’t think it is so usual in typical english/irish dishes…  But now i know that it is the spice called clove!

This was the first time i have tried making this dish, but it turned out delcious. I also went for pre shredded cabbage, but you can buy a whole red cabbage and shred it yourself. Also i used syrup as that was what i had at home, but i am sure you can use agave or a sugar free syrup if that is what you prefer – it is most likely better to use if you plan to eat alot of this dish!


This dish may sound strange to those who aren’t from the Nordic countries, but it is actually very delicious and it tastes sweet due to the apple, clove and the syrup -> which actually works really well tastewise!

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Blue and Orange Simple Mexican Food Recipe Card


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  1. carol says:

    This looks really good – a nice change from the pickled cabbage we get here which is more vinegary than sweet 🙂


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