Christmas break 2018

Hello and good afternoon!

12 hours of sleep, a gym session and lots of cuddles with my dog and finally feeling relaxed and ready for my Christmas break!

If you have followed me on IG (itsahealthylifestyle) you might have noticed on my stories that i have broken a whole bunch of plates, bowls, lunch boxes and coffee presses…. Basically a sign that i need a mental break from studying.


Usually i have really good reflexes, but i have felt the past week that i have just been a little gone. I have lost my trail of thought when speaking i.e in the middle of a conversation i can just go blank and forget what i am saying, i have felt SO TIRED and just haven’t had any energy, and just felt out of it. Basically, my body and mind telling me i need a break and that is exactly what i am giving my mind for the next few days.

Sure, i still have a bunch of school work to do. But that can wait until after Christmas!

For now, i am going to take a few days off from school work to just be with family, to finally be able to workout without a 45 minute time limit – because that is all i have time for. And also looking forward to making a bunch of Christmas food and desserts 🙂

Alot of the food we will be making are from the recipes i have posted on my blog, HERE & my latest posts. But i do have 2 christmas desserts i will be making which i haven’t shared the recipe for yet so those will be coming up most likely after Christmas (unfortunatly… but maybe you can make them for new years or some other time!).

If i am honest, i am proud of myself for getting through this past term of studying. It sure has been intense and i am in much need of a break and also to be with my family and my dog. I really do wish i could bring my dog with me to my university town, but i know that it wouldn’t be fair to her as she is a dog who always wants to be around people. It wouldn’t be fair to her to just sit on her own in a little apartment all day when i am away studying or working.

Anyway, i have a few posts scheduled so my blog won’t be empty and i will try to get back into more regular posts or atleast sharing some more lifestyle posts the next few weeks 🙂

And i want to thank everyone who keeps checking in on my blog and commenting even if i haven’t been so active on here, it does mean alot to me!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas whether you celebrate or not 🙂 Be kind to yourself and make some delicious food!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. bingingonabudget says:

    Thanks for sharing, enjoy your break. What’s your favorite part of the holidays?


  2. carol says:

    hope you have a lovely break izzy with your family and little dog. you deserve a good rest after all the studying and work you`ve been doing – enjoy yourself and have fun 🙂


  3. durand camille says:

    for how long are you going to workout ? and what do you do at the gym ?:)


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