My christmas celebrations and life at the moment | Pictures | Last life update of 2018

Christmas 2018 is over and time to focus on the last few days left of the year. Soon it is January and the start of a new year…. if i am honest, all i am looking forward to is summer 2019 and -hopefully- warm weather. Of course, summer 2019 also means the year that i am done with my bachelors degree… so either i will be applying for jobs/without a job and having to move – somewhere. Or i might continue studying…. whether that means 6 months, 1 year or 2 more years i don’t know. Maybe part time working with nutrition and health as well.

If i am honest, i currently have my thoughts on doing a magister or master exam in nutrition. This is something i have never thought about before… instead i have been so focused on just working. Doing my 3 years of studying and then working… and i admit, studying for another 2 years and having to write a magister and master reasearch paper is incredibly daunting. I also think that i am lucky to live in Sweden where i can study for “free”, and that i have the opportunity to study. Not to mention that a higher education level and more knowledge would only benefit me in the future… because who knows what i will end up doing or wanting to do in 30 years time and then i might be glad that i continued to study.


But i guess right now i just need to focus on the 6 months i have left of my bachelors before planning the next 2 years of my life.

So how is life at the moment?

Well, i can say that i am taking time to destress with my family. I have had several days to just be with my family and my dog. To workout, go for walks in nature, cook and bake. Eat dinner with my family, play games with my family but also time for myself to just listen to podcasts and not feel stressed – which is exactly what i have needed.


Though today, Wednesday i took a day to just sit and do some school work, as i had begun to feel stressed over the fact that i hadn’t studied. So now after several hours and sending in one of my essays i feel more relaxed again and feel like i can enjoy a few more days off before i begin focusing on my next assignment. Unfortunatly that is how it is as  a student, you are never fully free or off, unlike my family who can now enjoy their break without the stress of having to study or work.

Otherwise, i got an airfryer for Christmas and i am excited to experiment and see what delicious foods/recipes i can make!


Also it was my mums birthday, so it meant another dinner party with a 3 course meal!



For now i want to make the best of being home with my family. Try to get out into nature, meet my old high school friends, spend time with my sister etc  Do all the things i wish i had time for/want to do when i am busy studying!


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  1. ATypicalLife says:

    Great post! It’d mean a lot if you checked mine out if you have the time too xx


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