Vegan carrot cake with lemon frosting

When it comes to making cakes i always want to go “Bigger and better”, but there comes a point where you just have to keep it simple and appreciate the simple.

Also this year… i just didn’t have any ideas about what cake to make for Christmas. So after a long while of thinking i decided to make a carrot cake…. it is realtively christmass-y also…  i had been wanting to make and eat carrot cake for a while but never made one as i live on my own and there is no point in making a whole cake just fo rone person. So it was finally time to make one.


I also got inspired by, THIS post, and used the lemon frosting suggested, but made another carrot cake base.

The results were a most and delicious carrot cake with a perfect lemon frosting which worked so well together.

You can of course choose to half the recipe for the cake and just make one cake base, if you don’t want to make a double layered one like i did!

If you try this recipe let me know!!



**Unfortunatly i didn’t have much time or daylight to photograph the cake, but know that it was really good even if the photo’s might not show it!

Copy of Copy of Blue and Orange Simple Mexican Food Recipe Card (1)


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  1. Sabrina Cini says:

    Hi 🙂 Which “soya cream” do you use?


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