2018 in review

My 2018 –

Each year I have usually done a year in review, where I have gone through each month and looked through photos and everything I have done during the year that has been.

When you look through the year and look through all the photos you have taken you remember all these things you have done which you might have forgotten. I personally love taking all these small photos and just documenting my life.

Imagine when I am 50 and being able to look back on my blog posts and remember different events and times in my life which I may have forgotten about. But also all these small photos which may be silly to take, but they are a part of it and my life.

This year I am not going to go through each month individually, just summarize the year that has been!

2018 has just flown by, but at the same time the start of the year feels like a life time ago. I remember trudging though the snow and minus degrees in January – feeling over worked and stressed as usual.

2018 has been a year of stress and lots of work, but I have also gotten a lot better at coping with my stress and anxiety. Compared to previous years, my anxiety has actually been a lot lower…. Or maybe it is just that I have forgotten about all the dark times and tough times filled with anxiety this year. I.e I usually choose to just remember the good times and don’t generally take photos when I am feeling down…. So the weeks where it is just blank and no photos to look at, that genereally means I didn’t feel so good.

One thing i have realised this year is that i have stressed/worried ALOT about things – which always end up working out in the end anyway. Worrying about moving apartment, worrying about being able to pay for double rent, worrying about the courses i would study in autumn, worried about studying 150-200%, worried about finding work for summer etc etc Just so much worry and stress which takes alot of energy and time and leaves me feeling awful. But in the end… things work out. And THIS is a life lesson i need to really learn and stop worrying about things so much. Sure a little worry and stress, but in the end… just believe that things will work out.

Image result for worrying takes away today's peace


This year has been a year of pushing myself out of my comfort zone and doing things that I might not have done otherwise. I have met new people, met people who have followed me online, gone on different dates, spent time with friends  ad really tried to be more social.

I finally got my own apartment, which is one of the best things that happened in 2018!



I have studied a lot and also worked a lot! Also studied alot of interesting and some less interesting courses.

The summer was one of the warmest summers i have experienced – which was both amazing but also a little scary thinking that it is most likely due to climate change and the fact that it was almost 30 degrees already in May is not a good sign. Not to mention, that the heat affected my health very negatively – and it is now in autumn/winter i realised just how badly my CF health was affected by the heat.


*Just realized… I didn’t get any tattoos this year…. Crazy, hahahah. I have wanted to, but decided to invest in a camera instead of getting a new tattoo. And even if I really want a new tattoo I am glad I made the decision to buy a camera instead!

I started YouTube… though it hasn’t been something I have been so great at actually keeping up with. Started with my computer stopped working, and now when my computer is fixed again my editing program isn’t working. Also there just hasn’t been any time… but I am truly hoping to get back into it in 2019. Sure I made a few videos, but I think I was just a little too ambitius to think that I could study 150-200%, work, keep up with my other social media as well as have a social life. There just wasn’t time or energy to also film and edit. But hopefully 2019 I will be back… with atleast 1 video a week. I do actually have 4 videos filmed, 2 vlogs, 1 full day of eating and 1 sit down/talk video, but I haven’t been able to edit them which sucks.

I wrote and published an ebook, I have shared A LOTof recipes here on my blog. I have had several fun sponsorships and collaborations – and am hoping for more in the future. Because the truth is, the only way to really earn a living from what I do online is to do collaborations and sponsored posts. Everything I do is for free, so it is a lot of time and money that I invest into my social media and hoping that 2019 is the year that I get monetary compensation for it. Even if I love helping and inspiring others – that’s why I do it, I can’t deny that getting paid for my work would be kind of nice, haha.


I have a whole bunch of goals for 2019, but they are just my usual goals – long term and short term ones, and some which I want to keep secret because I just want to work towards them. Or atleast work up the courage to begin working towards the goals, haha.


2018 has been a really good year, ups and downs and usual but I feel like 2018 has been a great year for me. Also with a lot of mental progress with better coping skills when it comes to stress and anxiety, opening up to my mum and even a psychologist about my struggles, making the decision to really try to better my CF health, which has paid off.

I am looking forward to 2019! Hoping I will get to travel, start working with health and nutrition for real, really commit to social media and youtube, maybe write a book, start doing lectures. Also it will be the year I write my bachelors essay and get my bachelors! Crazy that 3 years of studying will be done – it has just flown by!

So far my plans are to continue studying, whether it till be 6 months, 12 months or doing a masters and studying for 2 more years…. I don’t really know.

How has your 2018 been? Do you have any goals you want to share for the new year?

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  1. I can totally relate to stressing and worrying beforehand for things that will actually never happen in the end, so it’s meaningless suffering!! I need to trust more and remember all the times I have just taken a leap of faith and everything either has worked out or has turned out differently, but better. And in 2019 I too want to start making money with my website and social media, because I’d really want to make that my full time job!


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