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It’s a new year and i know that many are starting the year off with Veganuary. For many, going vegan may be a complete 180 from what they are used to eat and it can be hard to know what to eat.

One of the important and helpful things when trying a plantbased diet, is writing down a list of different recipes and meal ideas you can make. Whenever you are stuck for ideas or what to make, then you can resort to that list. It may also make you more excited for all the meals to test the different meals!

I thought i woul do a masterpost of some of my recipes to help you with some meal idaes!! Of course there are plenty more recipes and ideas out there, but these are some of the ones i have to offer on my blog 🙂 I hope this is helpful to anyone who may need more food inspiration!

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Breakfast and snacks:

Oatmeal recipes: Carrot cake oatmeal with coconut milkCinnamon fried appleOvernight oats (& weekly meal prep)Chocolate & coffee oatmeal & different overnight oats

Rice pudding & coconut rice pudding

Savoury tofu scramble breakfast

SconesVegan scones recipe | Simple and quick to make  & Cornbread scones recipe

Chia seed pudding: Chia seed pudding recipe

Pancakes: Oat and banana pancakes & Chocolate chip pancakes & Cinnamon swirl pancakes & The best vegan pancakes – simple recipe 

Chickpea pancakes recipe  &  Chickpea omelette with ch*cken and mushroom filling – savoury, can be good for both breakfast or lunch/dinner

Chickpea cookie dough

Banana bread with chocolate chips & another banana bread recipe

Chocolate peanut butter granola & make your own granola


Sandwiches: Barbeque tofu sandwich & Vegan sandwich toppings/fillings

Nice cream: Berry banana nice cream – recipe

Smoothies: Smoothie recipe masterpost & Green smoothie recipe – banana & mango & Chocolate & ginger protein smoothie bowl & Green smoothies recipes

Savoury snacks: Roasted chickpeas Home made vegetable crisps | Vegan | Recipe

Hummus: Roasted carrot hummus | Recipe & Sweet potato hummus  Roasted red pepper hummus  & Beetroot hummus & different types of hummus recipe





Different soups: Carrot, sweet potato and lentil soup with ginger and chilli & Butternut squash and carrot soup Sweet potato and carrot soup with coconut milk Red lentil and sweet potato soup & Pumpkin and red lentil soup & roasted pumpkin seeds recipe 3 bean chilli & Vegan “meat” stew

Pasta recipes: Creamy vegetable one pot pasta | 15 minute recipe & Creamy vegetable & tofu pasta salad & Vegan pasta bake! & Beetroot pasta sauce! & Pasta with avocado and green pea sauce! & Creamy mushroom, garlic and thyme pasta & Pea & avocado pesto with pasta & Pasta with a creamy sun dried tomato and basil sauce & Pasta with sweet potato “cheese” sauce 

Pad thai

Tofu “fish” recipe




Swede scnitzel recipe | Vegan | & Hasselback potatoes

Stuffed aubergine recipe

Different cauliflower wings:  Breaded and baked cauliflower wings & Sesame coated cauliflower wings – vegan recipe & Vegan cauliflower buffalo wings

Different pizza recipes: Rainbow pizza – using prebought crust & Vegan tortilla pizza | 15 minute meal & Vegan spinach-tofu pizza rolls! & Cauliflower pizza recipe

Potato salad and coleslaw

Oumph! ribs

Seitan recipes: Vegan orange “chicken” seitan & Chickwheat shreds/Pulled ch*cken seitan recipe!


Falafel recipe & Beetroot, black bean and quinoa burger | Vegan (can be made glutenfree) & Baked beetroot falafel – Vegan recipe

Stuffed paprika with quinoa, tofu and beans

Tofu nuggets – Vegan recipe

Rice paper rolls

Vegetable & tomato casserole with garlic bread | Vegan

Cauliflower and broccoli gratin

Tofu satay recipe | Vegan & Gluten free

Tofu and vegetable skewers with peanut butter sauce | Recipe | Vegan




5 minute microwave brownie

Double chocolate chip cookies & Simple vegan chocolate chip cookies! & Vegan oatmeal raisin cookies & The best vegan fudgy chocolate cookies! & Vegan Oreo cookies 

Vegan apple pie

Vegan fudge brownies recipe

Cheesecake: Vegan mojito cheesecake recipe! & Vegan oreo moussecake | Recipe & Vegan mango and passionfruit cheesecake! & Vegan saffron cheesecake recipe


Cake: Vegan snickers cake (peanut butter and chocolate mousse!) Recipe & Vegan carrot cake with lemon frosting & Vegan saffroncake with white chocolate and lingonberries & Vegan oreo cookies and cream cake recipe

Candy: Vegan ferrero rocherVegan daim recipe , Vegan kitkat Recipe/ Vegan “kex” recipe!Chocolate covered peanut butter filled dates | vegan | christmas candy2 ingredient chocolate truffles | Vegan | & Peanut butter cups


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  1. carol says:

    Thank you for writing and posting this ( it must have taken you ages !) – it is good to have so many links in one place 🙂 Very useful !


  2. raecollyer7 says:

    This post is so USEFUL! I love it! I was looking for some new breakfast ideas and this post couldn’t have come sooner! 🙂


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