First week of 2019 | The week that’s been

Hello and Happy new year!!

Not sure if i have already written that on here, as some of my recent posts have been scheduled so i can’t really remember what i have written and what i haven’t!

It’s the new year and my 2019 has started off slow to say the least…. and maybe not the best start of the year as i haven’t been feeling so well, physically or mentally the past few days. Infact, it is only really today that i am feeling better.

It’s not how i wanted to start the new year – or this post – but that is also part of life, you don’t always feel so great, and you don’t always know the reason why either. Sometimes you just have to keep going and know that it will get better eventually.

So even if the first week of 2019 wasn’t the best week of my life, i can atleast focus on making the rest of the year better 🙂


I did however have a lovely new years eve dinner/party with my friends. We made a 3 course vegan dinner – though as no one had actually read the recipes beforehand it wasn’t until we began cooking that we realized how long everything would take. So we ended up eating dinner around 10.30 and dessert was after we had watched the fireworks. However it was a lovely evening which i spent with my old high school friends, and it was nice to catch up with them. As we all study in different places we rarely get to meet, so it is nice when we do get to catch up again.


The dinner we made was: Appetizer: A sort of hashbrown with vegan caviar and oat creme fraiche. Main: Burgers with a potato gratin and a red wine sauce. Dessert: Key lime pie

This past week – as mentioned – i haven’t done so much. I have studied, gone to the gym, spent some time with my sister, watched series, made alot of delicious food, and that is pretty much what i have done.


The past week i have felt incredibly restless – but at the same time tired – i have felt unproductive and like i haven’t done anything, despite both studying and doing other things.

But this week i want to sit down and write down all my goals, for the week, month, year and also some sort of action plan. It is easy to write goals and dream, but harder to actually work towards those goals. But also create a better structure and sleeping plan for myself.


It has been nice to not have to set an alarm and to wake up whenever i do, not to mention nice to finally have time to watch a bunch of series and YouTube. The past term there hasn’t been much time for it due to all the studying and at the same time trying to keep up with my social media. But now i want to get back into my regular updates and blogging and also editing – which i keep saying i will do but never actually do it!

3 new vegan items i have found!

This year i want to focus on making a great year… despite all the changes that might happen, and the stress i know will come. But hopefully this year will be a great year.

And i hope that 2019 is a great year for all of YOU. I would love to know if you have any goals for this year?

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