4 air fryer recipes: Sweet potato tots, falafel, crispy tofu & roasted chickpeas

After almost a month of owning an air fryer i thought it was finally time to experiment and see what else i could make in it, that wasn’t just vegetables or potatoes.

To start off with i made 4 rather simple recipes, which you can easily make at home as well! All the recipes work in the oven as well, but take longer time… and i am sure you can skip the oil as coating, but that just adds crunch according to me.


I will of course be experimenting more and seeing what other recipes i can make 🙂

I think an airfryer is great… whether you have an oven or not, but also an awesome appliance if you don’t have an oven (like some student apartments).


Video of me making these recipes:

YouTube Video






400g chickpeas (can used “raw” – but soaked atleast 12 hours, or use precooked from a can – c.a 1,5 cans)

1 small onion

2 cloves garlic

c.a 1/2 tbsp flour

Seasoning: Salt, pepper, parsley, cilantro

Optional: Oil

How to:

Heat the airfryer to c.a 195 degrees celsius.

Mix everything together in a food processor, and mix until combined but not overly smooth. (I.e it should not turn into hummus!). The better food processor you have, the quicker it goes. (It took me some time and had to do in half batches!)

Form into small falafel shaped balls (if the mixture is right, they will be easy to form and will hold their shape). Place into the air fryer – not over filling, c.a 8-10 depending on how big your airfryer is. Bake in the airfryer for 15 minutes, checking on them after half the time and moving them around a bit.

Repeat if you have more falafels!


Sweet potato tots:

1 medium sweet potato – boiled and mashed.

c.a 25-30ml bread crumbs

1/3 tbsp flour

Salt & pepper

Seasoning of choice


How to:

Begin by peeling the sweet potato and chopping into small cubes. Boil until soft, then mash and allow to cool.

Once the sweet potato mash is cool, add the bread crumbs, flour and seasoning. Mix and then form into small cube/oval shapes. Drizzle over a little oil.

Heat the airfryer to 200 degrees celsius and place the tots into the air fryer –  don’t over fill. I.e you will have to make 2 batches.

Bake for 6 minutes before turning the tots over and baking for another 6-7 minutes. (They should be slightly crunchy on the outside when done!).

And repeat with the second batch.

*Note, eat when warm as they won’t keep their crunch for too long. So don’t make more than you will be eating as they won’t last so long being stored in the fridge!


Battered and breaded tofu:

1/2 bloack tofu – pressed of water.

C.a 100ml bread crumbs.

5-6 tbsp flour mixed with water (or plantbased milk) & seasoning to form a sort of pancake batter.

Optional: MARINADE. (I didn’t marinate my tofu before hand, but i recommend that you do!)

Recipe for homemade BBQ sauce

How to:

Optional: Pressing and marinating your tofu for c.a 2 hours in the fridge. Or skip this part and go straight to the next step, but then you will have to really season the flour mix.

Chop the tofu into small squares – or desired shape. In one bowl/plate pour the bread crumbs, in another bowl mix together the flour, water and seasoning until you have formed a pancake like consistency.

First cover the tofu in the flour mix and then roll in the bread crumbs. Place on a plate and repeat.

Heat the airfryer to 180 degrees celsius. Place the tofu pieces into the air fryer – not overingfilling, and bake c.a 12-15 minutes. Shaking/moving the tofu pieces after half the time.

Note, these are also best eaten warm as they are then most crispy. They can be stored in the fridge, but will lose their crisp.


Crispy, roasted chickpeas!

1 can chickpeas, c.a 230g

Seasoning of choice, ex. paprika/garlic powder/Onion powder/pre made spice mix


How to:

Pour over some seasoning and spices over the chickpeas as well as a drizzle of oil, c.a 1/2 tbsp or as much/little as necessary. Mix until combined and all the chickpeas are coated.

Preheat the airfryer to 200 degrees celsius. Pour in the chickpeas and bake for 15- 20 minutes. Check on them after half the time and shake them around.

You may hear some “popping” sounds but that is fine. They are most crispy when warm and freshly baked!

You can vary the seasoning of these endlessly!


There you have 4 simple recipes you can make in your airfryer 🙂 And of course, more recipes (& videos) will be coming soon! Let me know if you like these types of videos/posts!

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