Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated | Tips for eating healthy

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Many think that eating healthy is hard and time consuming, and the same goes for eating plantbased.


However, it really doesn’t have to be hard, time consuming or even expensive to eat healthy (or plantbased). Of course i do understand that eating plantbased can be a privelage that not everyone afford – when it comes to vegan fake meats/cheese/milk etc


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My best tip is of course to meal prep. You invest 1-2 hours once or twice a week and then you have your healthy meals prepped. You can of course also choose to meal prep ingredients such as a big batch of quinoa or rice, soaking and boiling chickpeas and even making some of your own hummus, having vegetables roasted/boiled, and even marinating some tofu or having tofu prefried. This means that you can just mix together those prepared foods when you are going to eat.

Also, planning out your meals or your shopping list makes shopping go quicker and you know what you will make and eat. That will leave out the whole process of, “what should i eat today…. do i have all the ingredients…. ” and then you end up waiting so long and are so hungry that you just eat sandwiches instead. So by preparing and planning half the work is done. And if you have children then everyone in your household gets to decide a dinner each week, maybe!

Another idea, if you can’t meal prep is to just make a big batch of food for dinner and make sure to have enough for your lunch the next day. That means you won’t have to buy food for lunch and/or won’t skip lunch.


Buy healthy food & frozen vegetables are a great idea. If you just buy “healthy” food, then that is what you will eat. If you have fruit, and nuts and wholegrain bread at home then that is what you will snack on. Sure, eating crisps and chocolate from time to time is nothing wrong but it is better to go buy them when you are craving them rather than have them at home just because you “might” crave them.

Frozen vegetables is a good, cheap way of getting more vegetables into your diet. Of course, it also means eating them as well. But many don’t eat up the fresh vegetables they buy and have to them away, so by buying frozen vegetables they are cheaper and last longer. Just make sure to find recipes where you can also incorporate them 🙂

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Prepare snacks: Such as make a big batch of chia seed pudding, or slice and freeze banans for times you want something sweeet and you can make banana ice cream, or even having chickpeas which you can roast if you want something savoury. This may sound time consuming, but if you meal prep you can do this at the same time i.e freeze banana slices and make chia seed pudding, or even overnight oats.

Remember that healthy eating doesn’t have to mean you have 10 different coloured foods on your plate – like i often do.


Make it simple such as potatoes, tofu and broccoli. Or pasta, tempeh and avocado. Or bake a sweet potato and top with some black beans and hummnus or avocado. Or make a one pot lentil soup with red lentils, potatoes, crushed tomatos, garlic and add sweet corn and beans if you like. Etc etc


Healthy eating can be super simple such as (example of meals):

Oats with banana and mylk (or make over night oats)

Lunch: Fried tofu with roast potatoes, avocado and broccoli  /  Or maybe a one pot pasta with sundried tomato sauce, soy pieces and some salad / Simple tofu cauliflower curry with rice


Snack: Fruit/chia seed pudding/whole grain bread with hummus


Dinner: Lentil soup with bread / Quinoa with roasted broccoli, carrots and chickpeas topped with hummus /   make a one pan meal (ex. potatoes/vegetables/chickpeas/tofu) which you bake in the oven at the same time & some type of sauce / Sweet potato and carrot soup with bread

Snack: Banana and oatpancakes / Vegan yoghurt with banana and peanut butter / chia seed pudding / Oatmeal with cinnamon and apple


This is just an example. You can of course eat the same thing for snacks, or vary between 2-3 snacks each week and eat the same thing for both lunch and dinner to make it even more simple. But then it can be a good idea to vary each week what meals and foods you eat so you get some variation!


These are just some tips i have when it comes to making eating healthy more simple! Also freezing in meals can be helpful!


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  1. Wow thank you so much for this post!! I’ve noted down many meal ideas for next week and I’m looking forward to making and eating them 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh i am glad you liked the post and got some meal ideas from it 🙂


  2. Nati says:

    its a myth that eating healthy is so hard . if you want to be healthy managing your food is the most easiest thing to do 🙂


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