Meal prep|Green pea pasta, roast vegetables and chia seed pudding

Sunday and that means meal prep for me. Though today it is also a workday for me, so i had to get my meal prep done before work. Of course, i do have my Monday off from school so i could have done my meal prep on Monday morning/evening instead, but i was requested to share my meal prep on Sundays instead. So i thought i would begin sharing my meal prep (the weeks i do it anyway) on Sundays 🙂


This week i don’t have very long days in school, meaning that i don’t actually need to meal prep – however it makes it easier and means that i can spend more time studying/doing other things, and don’t have to cook each day.

Though that is why i decided to just meal prep 2 different dishes, i.e pasta and roast vegetables as well as a big batch of chia seed pudding for my snacks.

If i were to meal prep for a whole week, then i would meal prep other recipes – but you can see more of my meal prep posts, HERE:  Just scroll down so you see more of the posts!


As mentioned several times before – roast vegetables don’t last so long in the fridge so they will be eaten within the first 24-48 hours (i.e today Sunday and Monday), and the pasta will last for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and then i will either make a big batch of something else or just cook something new each day for the rest of the week 🙂

Making a meal prep like this is one of the quickest meal preps as all you really need to do is:

Peel and chop the veggies and then into the oven at c.a 220 degrees celsius, 30-40 minutes. (Add oil and seasoning of choice). -> Afterwards i just added some tofu and sundried tomatoes as well as some chickpeas!


And in the mean time, cook the pasta, make the sauce and mix!



And for the chia seed pudding all you need to do is mix together the chia seeds with your choice of liquid – i use 50/50 coconut milk and oat milk as well as some sweetener and then top with berries, peanut butter and banana.

RECIPE FOR THE CHIA SEED PUDDING HERE   -> I make a big batch of chia seed pudding which will last me several days, and i am rather good at getting the right amoutn of liquid without measuring, but you can follow the recipe if you are just making 1-2 portions!




Very simple meal prep and you have seen all of these before… but i don’t always have time or lots of creativity when it comes to meals. HOWEVER i have got some delicious meal/recipe ideas i want to try next week, so there will be more creativity and recipes coming next week!!


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