Life update! School, life, health, climate change?

It’s been a while since i last posted a life update or anything that wasn’t recipes/food!

Though that’s what happens when your life isn’t that interesting… there really isn’t much to share!  And just like many times before… contemplating what and how much to share. I know many people want to know more about myself and my life, but i always think “why would people want to know about my life or what i am doing/my thoughts”.

Maybe i should start doing one of those weekly lists instead with ex: “the best thing this week”, “the worst thing this week”, “something i learned this week”, “favourite film/series/show this week” etcetc

That might be a way to share more of myself and my life and not feeling like i repeat myself each time!  I definitely do want to show more of who i am and my personality… as i feel like that is lacking in my social media right now. But it may be easier ot do via film… so if you aren’t following my on YouTube… go there and subscribe as there you get to see more of who i am (sort of). CLICK HERE.


Well, it is is statistics and qualitative analysis in school, which is preparations for my essay. It is definitely a struggle and far from fun, but it has to be done! I have had two similar courses in the past, and if i plan to do a masters it will be even more courses in this topic. University and studying can’t always be fun!


Otherwise i have been working…. i always feel a little anxious before my first shift when it has gone several weeks without working. But once i begin working it is back to the same routines/what i know, so it is kind of nice. A way to turn off my brain for a while.

Also i went out to try the beyond meat burger once again…. and i actually really like the burger. It definitely has a meaty texture, but i don’t mind it. I completely understand though if some people are put off it because it tastes rather realistic (or in my opinion anyway!).


It has also been a snowing a whole bunch this week and i must admit…  I am very tired of the snow and winter right now, and just long for summer. Though at the same time… i am also worried about the climate, because certain parts of the world are EXTREMELY COLD right now and others (from what i understand) are much warmer than they should be/usually are at this time of the year. And this is definitely signs of global warming and climate change… When places are freezing over and others are heating up way too quickly, then it just isn’t right. And it is frightening. I just want everyone to start taking action and making a change…. No, i am not perfect and i can definitely change certain things in my lifestyle and what i buy that could help the climate more, but being a vegan (or eating as plant based as possible) is one of the best things you can do for the climate. – I might write a post on some other things you can do, but you can also read a pervious post i have written about this: Climate change and global warming: Take action and make a change  & Food and environmental impact

Image result for climate change 2019

Onto other lighthearted things….?

Well, just taking each day as it comes. Ups and downs in how i am feeling, but generally positive and happy. Though i do have fears and worries for the future, and some nights the anxiety creeps in and keeps me up all night. But i feel like for the majority of time i am happy and doing well….. isn’t it a little strange that i have to write this, hahah. But for me, it is a positive thing to be doing so well with so little anxiety and stress, haha.

That is pretty much my life update right now… Already the second month in the year and it feels like January was never ending, but at the same time it passed by so quickly!!


I hope you are all doing well and i apologize for not being so active on here…. i just haven’t had so much inspiration to blog – lots of questioning myself about what to post and what people actually want to read. It is definitely a struggle!

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