Sweet potato and peanut butter stew | Vegan recipe | Gluten free

When i was looking at the ingredients i had at home, wondering what i should make for my meal prep i began thinking… i want to make something with sweet potatoes, but i want to make something new.

I thought about just making a smooth, creamy peanut butter soup – maybe adding red lentils, or just doing my usual Sweet potato and lentil chilli | Vegan recipe , but then i got the idea of making a peanut butter sweet potato soup.

I have seen others make similar dishes before, so i thought i would just throw together what i had at home and hope it turned out good. And i was not disappointed!!

It resulted in a sweet potato – peanut butter stew with tofu and sun dried tomatoes. All my favourite foods in one!

No exact measurements, but i will share *roughly* how much i used and you should be able to recreate it 🙂



1 medium sweet potatoe

3 cloves garlic

1 small onion

4-5 sundried tomatoes

Frozen spinach

1 can coconut milk

1/2 block tofu (125g) (optional )

2-3 tbsp red curry paste

2tbsp peanut butter

Water (if necessary) – or use some crushed tomatoes for extra flavour and curry

A few drops lime

1/2 – 1 tbsp corn starch (to thicken the sauce if necessary)


Salt and pepper

Rice to serve with & extra lime and peanuts for crunch!

How to:

I peeled and diced the sweet potato and boiled until almost soft. (Note – you can most probably cook everything together in the same pot at the same time and not cook the sweet potato seperatly.)

In a pot i fried diced garlic and onion as well as the tofu. I poured in the coconut milk along with the spinch and tofu. And then i added the peanut butter, red curry paste, few drops of lime, salt and pepper as well as the sun dried tomatoes. I let it simmer for a while and then added some cornstarch to make it thicken to the right consistency.

Taste test to see if you like it – add more flavours/seasoning as necessary.

Boil some rice to eat along with the stew!

Eat and enjoy!



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5 thoughts on “Sweet potato and peanut butter stew | Vegan recipe | Gluten free

  1. I tried this and it was delicious, even though I didn’t have coconut milk, I used coconut flavoured soy cream instead, but it worked really well too! Will definitely make this again!


  2. […] Sweet potato and peanut butter stew   This meal is combining all of my favourites into one meal… sweet potato, peanut butter, sundried tomatoes, peanuts…. what is not to love? If you are allergic to peanut butter this would work great with almond butter as well 🙂 Also a great meal to make a huge batch and eat as your mealprep along with some rice! […]


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