Vegan carrot buns | Simple to make!

Just sneaking in vegetables everywhere i can….

Though of course, there are plenty more ways to sneak in vegetables into “regular food” such as cauliflower or zucchini in oats, sweet potato brownies or blackbean brownies, or why not make a pizza base out of sweet potato?

But if there is one recipe you can make without really tasting the vegetables (if you are someone who doesn’t like vegetables) then this is the one!!!


CARROT BREAD! First  off, carrot cake is amazing… and if you can add carrots to cake without anyone caring, why not add it to bread as well? (Recipe for carrot cake!) & (carrot cake oatmeal)

If you didn’t already know… i am a serious bread lover! Freshly baked, warm and fluffy bread is one of the best things i know…. almost so that i would choose bread over chocolate. Just almost!

If you have time over and want to make a big batch of bread to freeze in, then make these!!




Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Blue and Pink Chocolate Cake General Recipe Card


(note, i ran out of flour and so added some oats. They still turned out amazing, but that is why they are not completely smooth and have that kind of “yeast/gluten” texture. They don’t taste like yeast/gluten though, hahah)

These buns were really soo soo good, and also very cheap. Who even needs store bought bread when you can make amazing home made ones!


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