Over night oat parfait with chia seed pudding | Vegan | Gluten free

Preparing snacks or having nutritous snacks at home/with you, is key to making sure you are eating the best foods you can and also giving your body the right energy and nutrients it needs.


Also, if you prepare breakfast the evening before then you are more likely to eat breakfast as it will be prepared and ready to eat. And if you are running late, all you have to do is pack it with you!

Also… this works well as dessert/night snack.

Parfaits are a new favourite of mine… 1) because it is different layers with different tastes and textures and 2) it is prepared and ready for when i get hungry.

Overnight oats – and parfaits in general – can be varied endlessly. But i decided to make  apple overnight oats with  chia seeds, banana, blueberries and peanut butter.

I will also be posting different overnight oat recipes in the future – so keep an eye out for those!


For the chia seed pudding i just used 50/50 water and oat milk, but you can find an exact recipe, HERE

The recipe for the overnight oats :

80g rolled oats

1 large apple – cut into small cubes

Cinnamon, c.a 1/2-1 tsp

Stevia (no exact measurement)

c.a 300ml oatmilk

c.a 100-150ml plain yoghurt

How to:

Mix everything together in a bowl and place in the fridge over night.

Note – you can fry the apple in some coconut oil beforehand, or maybe grate it. Also if you have vanilla extract or some powdered peanut butter you can add that to the mix as well!

To make the parfaits i began to first the overnight oats, then adding some banana, chia seed pudding, peanut butter and lastly blueberries!

I like to eat mine in these “on the go” jars, but you can of course just add everything to a bowl or in a glass. Or just skip making a parfait and eat overnight oats along with some oat milk or other toppings!


If you find it hard to eat from a jar, then you can just pour everything over into a bowl when you are at work/school… or just prepare everything in bowls and skip the step of putting it into jars, hahah! I just put it in jars because it looks good and i brought it to work with me!

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