Food as medicine?

So recently i have seen that there has been some talk abd articles about “food being medicine” and i don’t fully agree.

Just like the picture which shows medicine and then fruit and vegetables on the other side and says that fruit and vegetables is your medicine.

Sure good nutrition is important for everyone. Good nutrition and a healthy balanced diet affects your mental and physical health and can reduce the risk of illnesses. However it doesn’t prevent all illnesses.

And yes good nutrition can be part of treatment for certain illnesses but it doesn’t always replace medicine and it can infact be dangerous and incredibly unhealthy to skip medication. Example if you have cancer and skip medication and treatment thinking that eating fruit qnd vegetables will cure you.

I am all for alternative medications and herbal medicine however i also know that “regular” medicine is also important and there is a reason it exists.

Ex. I take herbal medication for my CF and try to limit my use of antibiotics but i know that sometimes i need antibiotics to keep me healthy. And eating fruit and vegetables won’t cure me from the bacteria i have in my lungs.

Also it does frustrate me when people write that fruit and vegetables will cure all illnesses and nobody needs medication. That is incredibly dumb.

I eat a balanced diet and get all the nutrients and energy i need HOWEVER my hody doesn’t absorb all the nutrients i eat and so i need supplements and there is nothing wrong with that. Just like i need to take medication daily to stay healthy… and that’s just life for me with cystic fibrosis. No matter how healthy my diet is… it won’t cure my illness. Sure it helps… i would be alot sicker if i ate an unhealthy diet and didn’t exercise. But at the end of the day i need medication daily if i don’t want to diet before the age of 25.

Just like with depression, sure eating a balanced diet, getting in daily doses of omega 3 and moving your body weekly can be oart of treatment and help you feel better. Some people may need medicine as well and there is no shame in that. Eating fruit and vegetables won’t magically cure anxiety but it won’t make it worse either.

And when it comes to cancer, a balanced diet and exercise can help the person feel better but it doesn’t replace treatment. And if the person has no appetite and no energy its better they eat something than nothing at all.

Good nutrition with a balanced diet and regular exercise can do wonders and is recommended for everyone but there is no shame in needing medication.

Of course when it comes to certain lifestyle illnesses you can’t just take medication and think that it will fix everything because it won’t. And a lifestyle change is needed along with medication.

Don’t shame people for needing medication and unfortunately celery juice and raw food won’t cure everyones illnesses and it is incredibly disrespectful to tell someone to just drink some celery juice and they won’t be sick anymore

This is just my opinion on this topic anyway. And yes i do believe a healthy diet can be part of treatment and work as prevention for certain illnesses. But it is not a cure for all illnesses.

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  1. Well said. Food is medicine. Alternative medicine is (when legit) medicine. And conventional medicine is medicine as well. Each has its time and place. The mistake until recently has been an excessive emphasis on just conventional medicine, excluding and dismissing lifestyle, herbs, etc. But I feel like now we’re going to the other extreme, with a lot of scaremongering around conventional treatments and shaming people who can’t cure their illnesses the “natural” way, as if they were doing something wrong or not trying hard enough. And that’s very, very dangerous.

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  2. Anon says:

    I know your blog isn’t much about ED recovery anymore but I don’t know who else to ask. Basically I’ve been recovered at a healthy weight for TWO YEARS now and still no period. My BMI is about 19.5. I don’t know what to do because it just seems everyone else’s periods just starts immediately as soon as they restore weight, part of me wonders if mine will just never start like somehow too damaged?? Idk


  3. carol says:

    What do you think about people having changed their diets and lifestyle managing to “cure” themselves of type 2 diabetes ?


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