Fried rice paper crisps/tacos | Vegan |Glutenfree

I am the type of person who sticks to the same foods over and over. I don’t always feel like varying my meals and i am fine eating the same meals agin and again.

However i also enjoy trying new foods and combos. And a while ago i saw someone fry rice paper… i can’t remember where i saw it or who i saw do it, so unfortunately i can’t give credit to anyone. But ever since then i have wanted to give it a try.


And on Friday it was finally time. I had made rice paper rolls and had rice paper left to use and so i decided to give frying them a try – and i am glad i did.


I poured some oil in a frying pan so that it covered the whole frying pan. C.a 0,5-1cm. I heated it to medium/high and let the oil heat up – but not so hot that it began to boil and bubble.


And then i put the rice paper in (careful not to burn myself) and within 2 second it had crisped up. With a fork i picked up the rice paper crisp and placed on a plate with some paper underneath. And repeated with the rice of my rice paper.

The rice paper doesn’t taste of aything so i poured some salt over after wards to give it flavour.


**Note, don’t pour the leftover oil down the sink as it can cause problems and cause blockage. So i poured the rest of the oil in a jar i was going to throw away and then into the bin!

You could cut the rice paper into small pieces and make crisps out of them. But i decided to make tacos out of mine.

IMG_20190308_195900_373.jpgSo i stuffed the rice paper “shells/tacos” with red cabbage, sun dried tomatoes, fried tofu, chickpeas, sweet corn, avocado, vegan feta cheese and some mustard.

And i can say it was SUPER TASTY. Even if i did overstuff them..  but then again i do the same thing with regular tacos. The shells didn’t actually fall apart, it was just that i overfilled mine.


I can say i would 10/10 eat this again.

And i usually get stomach problems and discomfort from food with alot of oil but i didn’t get it from these rice paper tacos (not so sure what to call them!). So that is a plus point for this meal, hahah!


Let me know what you think about these “non recipe-recipes” 🙂

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  1. carol says:

    I really like your non recipe recipes – ideas for different meals or using ingredients differently is so helpful and inspiring 🙂


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