Savoury stuffed dates | Vegan

Dates with peanut butter is a combo which i love and have eaten many times. And it is extra luxurious if you add some melted chocolate on top!

However a few days ago i saw an account i follow on Instagram, GKstories, post about savoury dates and i knew i had to try. It wasn’t something i had ever thought about doing but now afterwards i wonder why because it was actually really good!


Stuffed dates is incredibly filling and gives you a sweet and salty combo (if you use salted peanut butter) which works wonderful and satisfies both cravings. Usually fruits and nuts is a great go to when i want something sweet and salty and don’t want/crave chocolate or salty snacks.

I decided to give savoury stuffed dates a go and used Violife feta cheese, vegan bacon, sundried tomatoes and some basil and parsley! And the result was TASTY but also filling.


After two i felt very much satisfied.

This is a snack/appetizer you could prepare when having guests over! Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Apparently also stuffing dates with greek cheese/feta cheese and walnuts is common. Apparently even brie cheese and pecan can work well – though i haven’t tried that myself!

This combo may sound strange but it was very good πŸ™‚


I know that this isn’t much of a recipe but i think i am going to post more “non recipe meals” as inspiration and for people who may search for different meals. Not all recipes have to be exact, they can instead be inspiration πŸ™‚

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5 thoughts on “Savoury stuffed dates | Vegan

  1. Great idea for having dates – never heard of eating them with savoury fillings before but it sounds as though it could be nice! thanks for sharing the idea πŸ™‚


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