Simple vegan waffles recipe!

There seems to be a day for everything…. I was scrolling through a webtsite which shows what day/themeday it is….  It is crazy how there seems to be a celebration day for everything.

Here in Sweden, on the 25th of March it is waffle day. And when i realized this… well it was the perfect time to try to create a waffle recipe for Sunday brunch!

I have failed with waffles many times in my life.


But two things i have realized which are important when making waffles is:

  1. Use oil/margarine in the mix!! This is important as the fat keeps it from sticking
  2. don’t press down the waffle machine, i.e just close it and then let the waffle expand! In the past i used to always hold down the waffle machine, and the waffles always failed. But now when i just closed the lid and let the waffle cook (and let air in?), they turned out amazing each time! Or maybe it was just that previous waffle mixes didn’t work so well… who knows haha
  3. Also… using carbonated water gives extra fluffiness. You can of course use just plain water or plantbased milk, but the carbonated water does make a difference!

Also.. a tip on how to make plantbased cream thicken… Use a few drops of lemon or vinegar when it is mixing! It makes ALL the difference!20190322131917_IMG_0589.JPG

Recipe: Makes around 6-8 waffles

120g flour (2dl)

1,5dl cornflour

2 tsp baking powder

100ml oil or melted margarine

200ml plantbased milk

250ml carbonated water (or use plain water/plantbased milk)

Pinch of vanilla powder & pinch of cinnamon

0,5tsp salt

*Optional – grated 1 medium carrot and add to the mix*

Serve with some plantbased cream, banana and berries

How to:

Melt the vegan margarine (if using) – otherwise skip this.

Mix together the dry ingredients (and grated carrot!), and then add the plantbased milk and mix.

Slowly add the carbonated water, and finally the oil or melted margarine. Mix until it is a smooth mix (but don’t over mix!).

Once the waffle maker is warm, add a little oil and then start cooking the waffles! *Note, allow the waffle to cook until the light turns off, i.e don’t lift the lid to check!*


Note – the waffles were made/eaten by two 🙂

I would suggest you only make the amount you plan to eat directly because they will turn soggy otherwise!

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