Banana overnight oats! |On the go breakfast!

Don’t have alot of time in the morning?

Not hungry in the morning but still want to eat breakfast at work/school?

Workout in the morning fasted and want breakfast afterwards?

Then preparing breakfast the night before works great for all these reason… or whatever other reason you want/need breakfast to go!


Of course there are many “on the go” breakfasts you can make. Such as just a simple yoghurt and granola mix (preferably one of those cups where you can put the granola in the top and pour in later). Or make a smoothie. Or why not some chia seed pudding? (Recipe). Or just a classic breakfast sandwich?

A new favourite of mine is overnight oats. It is basically the same thing as making regular oats, apart from you skip the step of actually cooking the oats. And instead mix everything together – with a little extra liquid and allow everything to sit and soak together. It turns out thick and creamy and very filling!

You can use whatever fruit you want – i have made apple overnight oats before, and also peanut butter overnight oats (recipe). And i am going to continue making different overnight oat combos in the future!


To make this overnight oat combo i used:

50g oats

60ml oatmilk & 60ml coconut milk

1 tsp chia seeds


cinnamon & vanilla powder

1/2 banana

Mixed it all together, and then placed in the fridge overnight.

Then in the morning topped with some more coconut cream and peanut butter and the other half of the banana!

This meal is rather energy dense, which works great if you have an early breakfast and then won’t be eating for several hours later and need something to keep you going.

IMG_9836 - kopia.JPG

If you like me sharing more breakfast/snack ideas and some “Non recipe-recipes”, let me know in the comments below!


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  1. carol says:

    more like this would be great – thankyou! Always looking for new ideas:)


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