Apple oatmeal muffins | Vegan

If you had told me several years ago that i would be baking and eating muffins as a snack i would most likely not have believed you.

But then again muffins was just those store bought chocolate muffins in my mind back then.

Not so sure what classifies as a muffin… i am pretty sure it has to have that fancy typical muffin top, which makes the difference between a muffin and a cupcake(without frosting)? But either way… i will call these muffins!


I went for using 50/50 flour and rolled oats as well assugar in these muffins, however i am sure you can switch the flour for wholegrain flour and use a brown sugar sweetener.

The recipe is not mine, but from Loving it vegan, recipe HERE

So if you want the recipe… check it out there 🙂

To make these, you also had to make your own vegan butter milk…. which was as easy as pouring 1tbsp lemon juice into a jar and then adding 180ml oat (or soya) milk, and letting it curdle. I was a little worried that Oatly Ikaffe wouldn’t work as the recipe stated soya milk, but it worked fine!

Also, as mentioned in the beginning i switched some of the flour for oatmeal, as well as using 2 apples and adding some coconut shreds to the mix!


I am sure you could make one big bread loaf out of this mix as well…. that might be the next thing i do 🙂 Imagine apple bread with lots of peanut butter, sounds amazing!

If you need some other muffin ideas: Carrot cake muffins & Banana bread muffins

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