Savoury chickpea waffles | Vegan

Savoury pancakes are a thing (also savoury crepes)…. so of course savoury waffles has to be a thing?!

I know i am DEFINITELY not the first to think of making savoury waffles, or chickpea waffles…. but i am surprised that i hadn’t thought about it before!

A while ago i made chicpea pancakes for brunch, and i thought…. why not make the same thing but as waffles?


And they were GOOD. I wasn’t fully sure if they would work, i thought i would end up frustrated and having to scrape the mix out of the waffle maker. But that didn’t happen once.

This recipe makes 4 small/medium waffles or around 2 larger waffles!

I suggest you eat them right away, because if you leave them they will turn dry – so just a little FYI 🙂

All together it took me about 10 minutes to throw together this meal. Well…. add 10 minutes for the fact that i dropped the plate – had to clean up – re decorate the waffles – and photograph, hahah.


This snack is not only tasty and filling, also rich in protein from the chickpeas – which is great if you maybe need to increase your protein intake. Generally getting enough protein isn’t a problem for the majority of people, however if you are mostly eating fruit, potatoes, rice… then you may not be getting alot of protein and trying to include more grains, tofu, tempeh, beans, lentils as well as nuts and seeds can help you to increase your protein intake 🙂

Personally i don’t suffer from IBS or have problems with beans or legumes, but i would love to know if anyone who has IBS reacts differently when eating chickpea flour rather than whole beans…? Or maybe it is the same reaction… i don’t really know.

When making chickpea pancakes – or waffles – the key is seasoning!! The flour doesn’t taste like much… or can infact have a bit of a weird taste if not seasoned. So don’t be scared to overseason – i went for garlic powder!

Also…. add some greens into the mix such as spinach, basil or why not carrot 🙂

So onto the recipe?

250ml chickpea flour

200ml water

& seasoning example garlic/onion/paprika/salt and pepper

Spinach/carrots (chop finely!)

1/2 tbsp oil & more to fry in

Top with: Tomatoes, onion, basil, almonds, vegan creme fraiche, avocado

How to:

Mix everything together. Allow to sit and thicken while you heat the waffle maker. Once the wafflemaker is hot, pour in a little oil and cover both sides. Then pour in some of the mix – whatever size you want to make them.

Close the lid and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes or until done!

Eat directly with toppings of choice 🙂


If you like this meal idea, or try it… don’t forget to tag me on Instagram (@itsahealthylifestyle) 🙂

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  1. carol says:

    I suffer from IBS and have found I can only tolerate chickpeas in small amounts and not too frequently. Same with the chickpea pasta so I should imagine if I was to eat the chickpea flour it would have the same reaction.


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