Smashed potatoes with pea&avocado dip

The question is…. how many ways can you prepare and eat potatoes before you begin to tire of them?
Well, 3 years of eating potatoes – almost daily – and i still haven’t tired. Granted, i have begun eating more pasta, quinoa, noodles and not just potatoes – so that helps in not tiring of the food.

But also preparing them in different ways!

Smashed potatoes is a new way to eat potatoes – also a good way to use up boiled potatoes you have left over. I have made these potatoes before, so they are nothing new. But as i have been trying to share “non recipe – recipes”, i decided i might as well share these on here as well 🙂 They can be an inspiration for some of your upcoming meals 🙂

Also the pea and avocado dip isn’t new on here… but doesn’t hurt to repost the recipe 🙂



It is best to choose a firm potato type (such as a regular white potato, usually smaller in shape), i.e not a “floury” potato (like russet) that works better for mashed potatoes.


Potatoes – as many as you like


Salt and peppar

Garlic and dill

Pea & avocado dip (Recipe HERE)

How to:

Begin by either 1) boiling or 2) roasting potatoes until done. Or, if you have left over pre boiled or pre roasted potatoes it is just to skip this step.

Preheat oven to c.a 210 degrees Celsius.

When the potatoes are done and have cooled down slightly, place the potatoes on a try with baking paper. Then with a fork or potato masher, press down on the potatoes until they become “smashed”. They should not fall apart completely or be mashed too hard – just enough to flatten them slightly. Do this with all your potatoes.

Then drizzle over some oil, salt, crushed garlic and dill over the potatoes.

Bake in the oven c.a 20-25 minutes (note, they don’t have to be turned over!)

Once crispy, take out of the oven and eat with some salad and dip… example this avocado and pea dip!



This is one of the perfect ways to use up left over potatoes… such as maybe after christmas or Easter when you have made a whole bunch of boiled potatoes and end up with half the potatoes left! Then just smash them and roast them 🙂

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