Home made Swedish Chokladbollar (chocolateballs)

In Sweden there is this “dessert”/snack called Delicatoboll, which is basically oats, butter, chocolate, sugar and coconut shreds… and is “known” for being vegan. It is one of those accidently vegan foods, because it is often margarine used instead of butter as it is cheaper.


They are super simple to make and i remember eating them when i was younger. Though they have never been a huge favourite of mine…. or just not a food i would buy or make at home. And it wouldn’t be my first choice of “dessert” if i was at a cafe!

However, now when i made them i realised just how tasty they actually are… and very simple to make! And you can of course switch the sugar for sweetener, not so sure if you can switch the margarine for something else, as the margarine is the binder. And if you were to use some sort of oil it would just melt in room temperature… So i wouldn’t try to switch that out.

Of course, you can make these as raw balls if you use maybe dates as the ball and then coat in coconut shreds and cacao powder. HOWEVER then you aren’t eating typical swedish Chokladbollar, then you are eating a chocolate rawfood ball, haha!

Onto the recipe then…?



100g vegan margarine – at rooms temperature

90g sugar (1dl)

1tbsp vanilla sugar

2,5tbsp kakao powder

120g rolled oats (3dl)

1-2 tbsp cold coffee

Coconut flakes or “pearl” sugar


In a bowl add the margarine (in small cubes) and mix with the sugar. Then add the rest of the ingredients aside from the coffee. Mix together and add 1 tbsp coffee, and add the second tablespoon if necessary.

Roll into balls and then roll in coconut flakes. Place in the fridge for a while, and then eat and enjoy 🙂



And for the cookie dough balls, i used THIS recipe but rolled into balls instead 🙂

4 Comments Add yours

  1. These look incredible!!!


  2. bingingonabudget says:

    Wow these look so good! I can’t wait to try them, thanks for the recipe.


  3. carol says:

    so simple but look delicious! thanks for sharing – will be trying these


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