Triple layer vegan cookie brownies! [i.e slutty brownies]

When it comes to baking i can never seem to just keep it simple… or well i have a few times in the past. I have just kept myself to a simple carrot cake or just chocolate mudcake.

But typically… i go all out in one way or another when baking. Either by baking two or three cakes instead of one or by making a super tall cake with 3 layers…. or in some cases like this time, baking a 3 layered cookie/brownie.


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I mean why make just cookies or just brownies when you can combine them?

A warm cookie dough base, a layer of oreos followed by a gooey and perfect brownie on top…. what better than that?


Of course, this is definitely a dessert that needs to be eaten in small doses… just so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the sugar, haha. Also a dessert made for sharing with plenty of friends at example a party!

If you have the ingredients at home, want to surprise friends with an amazing vegan dessert or just crave something super sweet and delicious… then MAKE THIS!

Of course as this has 3 layers… there is risk that one part undercooks or one part cooks too fast. So you want to cook it slow and on lower heat so that no layers cooks too fast or slow comapred to the other 🙂


Make these, eat and enjoy!



Cookie dough base:

5,5dl (330g) flour

1/2tsp salt

1tsp baking soda

230g vegan margarine

1,7dl (150g) sugar

1tbsp light molasses

2tsp vanilla sugar/powder

c.a 150g chocolate chips

1 package oreos

Chocolate brownie layer:

2,25dl (130g) flour

2,8dl (250g) sugar

5 tbsp cacao powder

1/2 tsp salt

1,5 tbsp oil

8 tbsp melted margarine

170ml water

1tsp vanilla sugar

How to:

Heat the oven to 175degrees celsius. Grease a baking pan with vegan margarine – or place some parchment paper. You can find baking trays HERE

Start by making the cookie base.

1) In a bowl add the flour, baking soda and salt. Mix and set aside.

2) In another bowl add the margarine (at rooms temperature) and sugar and whisk until light and fluffy.

3)Add the molasses and vanilla sugar and mix.

4) Add the flour mixture to the margarine mixture and combine – don’t over mix!

5) Then lastly add the chocolate chips

6) Add the cookie dough to the baking pan and spread out evenly.

7) Then add a layer of oreos on top.

Start making the brownie layer:

8) Combine the dry ingredients: Flour, sugar, cacao powder and salt. Whisk together (can sift together ingredients to make sure there are no clumps!)

9) Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients: Oil, melted margarine, water and some vanilla powder. Mix together until smooth.

10) Pour the brownie layer ontop of the cookie dough and oreos. Spread evenly.

11) Bake in the oven for around 30-35 minutes. Check after 30 minutes to see if it is cooked all the way through. You can do this by using a potato sticker or a knife and poking all the way through – in the middle – and if it comes out almost dry then it is cooked all the way through. HOWEVER, note that the brownie layer shouldn’t be completely dry as then it will be far too dry when done, so let it be a little wet.

12) Remove from the oven and allow to cool before serving!


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