Carrot cake baked oatmeal

Carrot cakecarrot cake muffinscarrot cake snack balls, carrot cake oatmeal… it was about time that i finally make carrot cake baked oats!

It may have taken a while to get around to making this dish (i planned to make it during Easter!), but it was worth the wait…. or well.. if i hadn’t waited so long i would have been able to eat this dish more often, haha.

This is definitely a new favourite of mine!


Fun fact, if you didn’t know. i LOVE dried fruit and nuts… the sweet and salty… or the sweetness and the crunch of the nuts. YUMMMMM. I can eat handfuls of this combo and is definitely my go to snack when i lose my appetite.

Making oatmeal whether it is cooked, overnight or baked is very simple. It is the flavour combos that can vary endlessly.

Definitely make this dish, and why not combine with a healthy home made lemon cream cheese frosting or just some thick alpro yoghurt and extra walnuts!

You can see the video when i make this recipe, HERE



200g rolled (5dl)

2 tsp chia seeds

2 grated carrots

C.a 150ml stevia or sugar (use avout 90g/100ml sugar)

1 banana – mashed

Raisins & walnuts

Cinnnamon, clove and ginger

Pinch of vanilla (optional)

350ml boiling water

70ml plant based milk

More raisins & walnuts and some sea salt

How to:

Preheat oven to 180C.

Begin by grating the carrot.

In a bowl mix together the oatmeal, chia seeds, grated carrots, sweetener, ginger, clove and cinnamon as well as 1 mashed banana. Add some raisins and walnuts. Add 350ml boiling water and mix together. Cover with a plate and allow to sit for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, take the plate off and add 70ml plant based milk, and mix.

Then grease a pan (or use some parchmentpaper), and pour the oatmeal in. Top with some raisins, walnuts and sea salt.

Bake in the oven around 35 minutes. If necessary cover with some parchment paper to stop from burning.

Once done, add some vegan yoghurt on top. Or make a lemon vegan cream cheese frosting with vegan cream cheese, sweetener, a little vanilla and lemon… optional to add some vegan yoghurt to the mix!


If you make this recipe don’t forget to let me know 🙂

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Rachel says:

    YUM! Perfect twist on a classic to start the day off right. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Looks absolutely delicious!! I’ve saved the recipe and will hopefully make it next week. Can’t wait to try it!


  3. Tereza says:

    Just made it for breakfast and OH MY! I love the crunchiness of the nuts with the moist texture 😍 Perfect breakfast on a rainy Danish day. Does it also rain so often in Sweden? 😁 Thank you for the recipe and have a great Saturday 😊!!


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