How to make creamy pasta!!! | Vegan

Have you ever seen those incredibly creamy pasta dishes on Instagram or Pinterest… and wondered how they do it?

Mine always seems to turn out a little dry or in some cases… too watery and then i need to add cornstarch to make it more thick.

But i have figured out how to make a creamy pasta dish with no cornstarch! Of course adding cheese (vegan!) will make it more creamy as long as it is a cheese that melts!

But as i didn’t have any vegan cheese at home, i skipped that and it still turned out creamy.


So what is the trick….?

Boiling pasta in a little water until soft and then adding oat cream as well as spices and/or sauces to the pot – so that the pasta boils in the cream and soaks up the creaminess.

I have often made a sauce on the side and then added in the pasta, or added the sauce to the cooked pasta. HOWEVER, this time when i let the pasta actually cook in the cream and sauce it turned out sooo creamy.

Of course… the creaminess won’t last forever, so if you have left overs which you place in the fridge it will turn a little dry, but not as dry as some other sauces might do.


Unfortunately i can not provide any exact measurements for this recipe….. you may be thinking, how can you be a recipe blog and not give any exact measurements? What type of recipe is that…?

But the fact is.. you don’t really need any exact measurements. And the amount of sauce you need depends on the amount of pasta you are cooking. For this meal i just freestyled with no measurements… so i am sure you can do the same thing 🙂

And as mentioned above, the key is to use just a little water and mostly plant based cooking cream!


So how to make the recipe?

Pasta of choice, and amount of choice

Some water & 1 vegetable stock

Cooking cream (vegan) – choose a thicker one if possible.

Liquid smoke

Optional: Vegan cheese (grated)

Pasta fillings: I used vegan bacon, cocktail tomatoes, chickpeas, bell peppers and asparagus

How to:

Begin by pouring your pasta into a pot. And pour in water so that is just covers the pasta, add the vegetable stock.

Bring to a boil. When the pasta water begins to absorb pour in the cooking cream along with the liquid somke. Keep stirring and adding more cream as necessary. (in total i used about 250-300ml). If using vegan cheese, add now. Once the pasta is boiled and the sauce is the right texture, remove from the heat. (Note* you can of course add maybe a premade BBQ sauce or sundried tomato sauce along with the cooking cream if you want another flour than the liquid smoke).

Add in your extras to your pasta, or do like i did and fry together the ingredients before adding to your pot of pasta. Mix, eat and enjoy!


There you have a simple way to make a  hopefully creamy pasta dish 🙂


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