Dessert parfaits with berries, digestive biscuits and yoghurt! Vegan

I love cake… specifically cheesecake! However… i don’t always have time or energy to make a whole cheesecake. Not to mention, there is no point making a whole cheesecake if it is just for one…

Granted, you can make mini portion size cheesecakes which i might do in the future. But another alternative is…. a parfait.

Can it be clled a cheesecake… well, no not really. But the ingredients are similar!

A layer of crunchy digestive biscuits. A layer of banana and berries, and a layer of cream cheese/vanilla “frosting/yoghurt”. All combined to make one delicious snack or dessert.

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I have made snack parfait jars with overnight oats and chia seed pudding, recipe HERE.

And also other dessert parfaits, HERE

I would classify these as both a snack or dessert… and you can of course use whatever fruit or berries you have at home. And whatever yoghurt you prefer… unsweetened, sweetened… or mix together unsweetened yoghurt with some stevia or vanilla or why not some warm berries?

And with the biscuits… choose whichever you prefer, but digestives are definitely the go to for me, and luckily they are most often made with margarine!LRM_EXPORT_933944632461564_20190427_131646100.jpeg

So how you do make these parfaits? Well… i am pretty sure you can see how they are made. And of course, the exact measurements you need are based on the amount of jars you are making.

For two jars you need:

around 1/3 package of digestive biscuits, around 150g

1 banana

Berries of choice

1/2 packaage of vegan cream cheese around 75g

around 150ml alpro go on

100ml vanilla yoghurt

Optional: sweetener or vanilla if you don’t use a sweetened yoghurt.

Also note… you can use vegan whipped cream instead of the cream cheese mix, and also add some chocolate to make it extra special!

How to:

Begin by defrosting the berries slightly.

Crumble the digestives into a bowl, In another bowl mix together the cream cheese, thick yoghurt (alpro) and vanilla  yoghurt.

Then in jars or glasses begin to layer the crumbled biscuits, berries, banana and yoghurt mix!

Either eat directly, or let it sit and “soften” for 30-60 minutes 🙂


You can buy glass jars: HERE

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