Mango, banana, coconut ice cream! Soft and creamy! Refined sugar free.

It’s summer time….. well almost.

So many new ice creams available in the stores. In the past there was a choice of vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. Now there is almost half a freezer filled with just vegan ice creams in the stores.

I am all for store bought ice creams and by now you might have realized that i love trying all the new vegan products including ice cream. I have done a bunch of taste tests over the years!

However… making your own ice cream isn’t so tough and can be incredibly tasty.

One of the easiest ways to make home made “ice cream” is to just make it using frozen bananas… to make so called “nice cream”. And then you can add whatever extras and flavours you like.


And then you can go advanced and buy an ice cream maker/churn to make super creamy and soft serve ice cream with vegan cream and sugar.

I have also made an icrea in the past with sugar and vegan cream, recipe HERE

So onto the recipe then….? 🙂

Note, you can of course skip the coconut milk/cream and just use frozen mango and banana if that is what you have at home!



2-3 frozen bananas

500g frozen mango

200ml full fat coconut milk

Wafer cones

How to:

Begin by first slicing the bananas and the placing in the freezer over the night. Note, the best is to place the banana slices in a bag so that they are easier to be mixed when you take them out of the freezer.

Then in the morning, or when the bananas are frozen take out of the freezer and defrost slightly along with the mangos. Around 10-15 minutes is enough,

In a bowl (if you are using a handmixer), otherwise place the banana slices and mango along with around 100ml coconut milk or cream into the mixer. Then mix until smooth, you might have to scrape down the sides sometimes. If necessary, add some more coconut milk.

Optional, add some vanilla or other flavouring if you want.

Don’t overmix as it can turn too warm then, but mix long enough so that it is smooth… or optional, leave some mango pieces in for extra texture.

Then place in a bowl or jar and place back into the freezer for around 30 minutes – just so that it freezes again.

Once it has gotten some time to chill, time to eat the ice cream. Either eat as it is, or add some extra toppings, or add to ice cream wafers!

The perfect refined sugar free ice cream – and great to make for children as it is sweet but doesn’t have any added sugar! And you can make a big batch and keep in the freezer, for when you crave something sweet and cold!

Note, you can switch the mango for other frozen berries, such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or a combo!



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