Mealprep: Vegan patties, tzatsiki & wheatberry salad

The last full week of school before graduation and then summer…. and this week really doesn’t require meal prep as i have more time to cook each evening. In summer when i will be working full days, then meal prep on a weekly basis will be very necessary.

So even if i don’t actually need to meal prep… and could infact eat warm food each evening, i am in the routine of meal prepping on Sundays and it does save time for other things during the weekdays!

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My meal for this week consists of:

Soy burgers made from a store bought vegan mince

Wheat berry salad


And because i had a bunch of root vegetables that needed to be eaten, i decided to just throw them all in a pan and roast them. And added some crispy tofu and avocado.


In total it took about 60-90 minutes to make all of this. Enough time to listen to two podcasts!

The total cost... unknown as i do a big food delivery from every two weeks and then just buy fresh produce when necessary. But root vegetables is very cheap and so is the wheatberries. So the only real expensive items is the soy mince and the vegan creme fraiche and soy yoghurt. However the 1kg soy mince lasts a while!

How long do i meal prep for and how long does this last? I meal prep for about 3-5 days. So this meal prep will last from about Sunday to Wednesday. And i eat the roast vegetables first as they only last about 48 hours before turning dry. The burgers and wheatberrie salad can be frozen and then reheated.

Onto the recipes:

For the burgers i defrosted the soy mince, then added some mustard, salt and pepper, bread crumbs and a little soy sauce and formed into patties and fried.


The wheatberrie salad i heated the wheatberries according to instructions. Note! You can use quinoa/brown rice/couscous/bulgur etc instead of wheatberries. Then i added some chopped up zucchini, cucumber and tomatoes and lastly some chickpeas.


Recipe for the tzatsiki:

150ml vegan creme fraiche

100ml thick soya yoghurt 

1/2 cucumber, grated

1 garlic clove, grated/crushed

lemon juice, around 1/2-1 tbsp

oil, around 1/2-1tbsp

salt and pepper

How to: 

Grate the cucumber and place on a plate. Sprinkle some salt over and allow to sit for around 20-30 minutes. Then press the cucumber of as much water as you can. Mix all the ingredients together. Alow sit in the fridge for a while before eating so the flavours absorb even more!


For the roasted vegetables i chopped everything up, placed on a tray, poured over a little oil and sprinkled over some salt.

Then baked in the oven around 35-40 minutes at 220C. Note, i added zucchini and tomatoes to the tray as well. But i had to remove them after half the time as they don’t need to bake for the full 40 minutes.




Hopefully this gives you some inspiration for meal prep or plant based eating! You can see some of my other mealpreps, HERE.


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