PB and jam quesadillas | Recipe

In the past, i have only ever made savoury quesadillas:

Vegan Quesadilla with sweet potato and black beans | Recipe

But i thought…. why wouldn’t sweet quesadillas work? Well… in all honesty i was craving bread with peanut butter and jam and the only bread i had at home was tortilla bread. And just adding peanut butter and jam on top of tortilla bread isn’t so exciting.. so i thought, why not fry them and see how it turns out!


And the result was actually very tasty… though maybe a little on the dry side if i am honest. Also, because i used homemade jam (RECIPE) which contained sweetener, the jam didn’t really stay in the quesadillas as much as i had hoped. I think if you use jam which is thicker it might stay in the bread when frying.

I would still choose savoury quesadillas over sweet… but maybe i need to try this again but with vegan nutella and banana or some other sweet filling!


No real recipe for this… but i promised i would still post the non-recipe-recipes! Just as a source of inspiration, and maybe others will google this recipe idea and then find my recipe!


Tortilla bread

1-2 bananas

Peanut butter

Jam (i used my home made – here)

A little oil or margarine for frying

How to:

Begin by adding peanut butter and jam to one half of the tortilla, then adding some banana slices. Fold the tortilla in half, and either fry like that or cut the tortilla so you have to pieces. I.e small triangles. Repeat with as many tortillas you want to make/eat.

Then add some margarine or oil to a frying pan and in medium heat, fry the quesadillas until golden brown on each side. Around 1-2 minutes on each side.

Remove from the pan, eat and enjoy!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Molly-Joy says:

    I used to love making these as a sweet treat when I was a student!


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