Pasta with a creamy garlic cauliflower sauce

Pasta comes in all shapes, sizes and made from different ingredients. And i thought it was time i finally try a new pasta shape and also a new pasta sauce.


My all time favourite pasta dish has to be a vegan bolognese with soy mince meat… or just a plain and simple pasta with pesto!

If i am honest… i am not a huge pasta girl. I’ll choose the salad or potato dish before a pasta dish. Pasta just doesn’t fill me up so much…. so i have to add a bunch of vegetables along with a triple portion pasta to feel satisfied. Hence why i prefer roast vegetables or quinoa, which is more filling. Though this is just my personal opinion.

I still like pasta… but it wouldn’t be my last meal if i had to choose.

I feel like i am really selling this recipe right now… hahah! But got to keep it real!

I had a bunch of time over yesterday due to not having functioning wi-fi, and i had a bunch of cauliflower to be eaten. So instead of making example, cauliflower wings or cauliflower pizza like i would typically make…. i thought, why not try making a sauce out of cauliflower.

So… my first advice is to have a good food processor/mixer. I need to invest in a better mixer, as the one i have just doesn’t make hummus or sauces smooth enough.

Second, i am sure you can add white beans to this pasta sauce to make it creamier and also richer in protein.

Three, you can roast the cauliflower with some oil and garlic before mixing along with the other ingredients. I didn’t do this as i didn’t think about it, but now when writing the recipe i realise it would have been a good idea to do! So next time i will try doing this.

The sauce is best eaten warm, but works cold as well.



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Pasta of choice – cook according to instructions, and use the amount you plan to eat/prep

Around 400-500g cauliflower – fresh or frozen

1 vegetable cube & 250ml water

2-3 garlic cloves, crushed

1 shallot onion

130-150ml cooking cream ( i used oat cream)

2 tbsp tahini (use a runny tahini)

Squeeze of lemon

salt and pepper

Optional: Oil for flavour and/or when baking the cauliflower

Optional: nutritional yeast

For the pasta, i added cocktail tomatoes, asparagus and chickpeas

How to:

Begin by boiling the pasta according to instructions.

To make the sauce, start by either roasting the cauliflower in some oil and garlic or chop the cauliflower into florets and boil in the water along with the vegetable stock. Add more water if necessary, however pour away excess water once the cauliflower is soft.

In a frying pan fry the garlic and shallot onion.

Once the cauliflower is cooked, add the rest of the ingredients (oat cream, garlic, onion, salt and pepper, tahini & optional: white beans), to the pot. Mix with a handmixer until smooth. Add more liquid if necessary. Taste and adjust seasoning according to preference.

Add the pasta sauce to the pasta and mix. Add extras to your pasta such as tomatoes, beans, tofu, vegan chicken etc


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