Baked zucchini fries

The question is…. what is the definition of a fry….? Is it that it is made from potatoes, or that it has the shape of a “fry”? Or is it that a potato, or vegetable has been fried?

Because now a days…. any vegetable which has shaped into the typical “fry” shape and then baked or fried, can be called fries.


I am one of those people who calls any vegetable shaped into a thin rectangular shape  a fry.

In the past i have made carrot fries, turnip fries, sweet potato fries and regular fries. Now i am adding to the list by making zucchini fries!

You could of course just chop up zucchini, coat in some oil and seasoning and bake. But i decided to cover them in bread crumbs for an extra crunch!


So onto the recipe?


1 zucchini, washed

Aquafaba – the brine from a chickpea can


Seasoning of choice, example garlic or chilli and paprica powder



How to:

Start off by washing the zucchini and then cutting into your fry shapes. Place on a plate and sprinkle over some salt. Allow to sit for 30+ minutes, so that the salt can pull out some of the water from the zucchini, making them crispier.

Pour some bread crumbs in a bowl and add seasoning of choice.

Pour the aquafaba in a bowl.

Line a baking tray with some parchment paper.

After 30-60 minutes, begin breading the zucchini. First, dip in the aquafaba and then coat in the breadcrumbs. Place on the baking tray and repeat with all the fries.

Heat the oven to 220C (420F).

Bake in the oven around 20-25 minutes, or until they have reached the desired crispiness!

Combine with some guacamole, hummus or salsa!




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