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For someone who does alot of meal prepping, it is crazy how it has never occured to me that you can mealprep certain meals directly in your glass lunch box. 

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Typically i just make big batches of food and then portion them out into lunch boxes once i am done… which is of course what you need to do the majority of times example when making soups, stews, frying food. But when it comes to lasagne, pies or even food such as potato gratins or other foods that are usually in a big pieform, you can infact portion into glass lunch boxes and bake directly.

This is perfect if you just want 1-2 portions and don’t want to make a huge pie or lasagne!

Or maybe you don’t have a huge form to put the food in.

Just make sure that the glass lunch boxes you have can be heated – and then be careful when you take them out of the oven as glass gets HOOOT. Not to mention, don’t have any windows open and cold air blowing into the kitchen when you take the warm lunch boxes out of the oven as there is a risk that they can crack and break then!

I buy my glass lunchboxes from Lagerhaus:  HERE


A few weeks ago i filmed a, “my followers decide what i eat” in a day and lasagne was voted as my dinner. And that resulted in this  lasagne. (You can watch the YouTube video, HERE)

I have a recipe for lasagne, including a vegan bechemel sauce, HERE. But i decided to just use what i have at home, throw together what i had and it resulted in this vegetable and red lentil lasagne with a cheesey-creamy filling… and was VERY GOOD. And very filling!


As i just threw together this meal there are no exact measurements, but you can see how i made the lasagne, HERE (or a short video on my instagram, HERE). But i will share the instructions and my guesstimate of the amount i used, hahah. I am all about freestyling, especially when i have not planned to share a recipe but just make some food to eat…





3-4 carrots

1/2-1 zucchini

2 small onions

2 gloves garlic

300-400g red lentils

400-600ml crushed tomatoes

1tsp liquid smoke

1/2 package black beans

Optional: vegan soy mince, sweet corn (i used vegan meat balls which i chopped into small pieces – this was for extra texture and taste. But is not necessary)

Vegan lasagne plates – i used around 8

Oil, salt, black pepper

300g vegan cheese, grated

100-200ml vegan creme fraiche

2-3 tomatoes

How to:
Chop veggies (carrots, zucchini, onion) into small cubes. Fry in some oil and salt.

Add about 300-400g red lentils along with 400-600ml crushed tomatoes. Add some garlic, salt and pepper. Mix and allow to simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add some liquid smoke.

Add in black beans. Optional, vegan mince or sweet corn.

Make the cheese sauce (or bechemel sauce), or Mix grated vegan cheese with vegan creme fraiche.

Then layer the lasagne. First a little tomato sauce on the bottom to stop the lasagne plate from burning to the form. Then start off with a lasagne plate, red lentil mix, “cheese” mix, repeat and finish with a layer of cheese mix and some tomatoes.

Bake in the oven at 225C for 20-25 minutes 


If you make this, don’t forget to let me know 🙂 Either in the comments, or tag me on Instagram!!

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