Vegan chicken salad | Baguette filling



When I was in high school, whenever we had sports days or events where the school would provide us with packed lunches (Note, in many high schools in Sweden the children are provided cooked lunches in school everyday. There was usually 1-3 options available, i.e meat/fish/vegetarian option. But when I lived in Ireland we always had to have our own packed lunches with us to school, which was often sandwiches.)



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The packed lunches which the school provided on those event/sportdays were often sandwiches… and the option I usually choose (between the two options) was the chicken baguette. I was not a huge fan of the filling as it was made with mayonnaise which is afood I have never been able to eat and have never enjoyed. SO the fact that I remade this sandwich combination is very strange considering it wasn’t even a food I liked, hahah.

But I saw someone make a similar dish in a facebook group I am in and I thought… why not give it a try as well?

I have to say I  LOVE these chicken pieces from Halsanskök, I buy them almost weekly and just fry them up and eat with some vegetables and potatoes or rice. They SMELL a lot like chicken and taste wise… they are the most similar to chicken I have come across. Do I want to eat chicken or eat vegan food that looks/tastes/smells like chicken… no not necessarily. I don’t miss chicken, however I do love these ch*cken pieces just because of their flavour and texture. They could call them something else and I would still eat them.

And to read more about why vegans eat fake meat, or want meat substitutes, you can read this post.



You can make this recipe using either mayonnaise or crème fraiche, whatever option you prefer. But as I am not a fan of mayonnaise, I opted for crème fraiche.



c.a 150g vegan chicken strips/pieces

200ml vegan mayonnaise or crème fraiche

1/2 red onion, diced

Optional: 1/2 red apple, chopped (for sweetness)

Seasoning: a pinch of paprika powder, 1tsp curry powder, salt and pepper.

Another option –  instead of curry powder and paprika powder, use a premade curry spice mix.

How to:

Fry the chicken pieces – just so that they are warm but not overly crispy. Mix together with the rest of the ingredients. Taste and adjust seasoning according to preference.

Eat this mix as it is… with some vegetables and rice… in a baguette… as part of a salad… whatever you enjoy. I ate this in baguettes which was super tasty, but I also ate the remainder just as it was because it was that tasty!!





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