Stuffed and baked apples with oat crumble | Vegan

When I was filming a “ my followers deicde what I eat in a day” video for one of my snacks I had the options, fruit salad or stuffed apples. And well, I was very happy that you all voted for stuffed apples because it was something I had never tried before but wanted to.

I realised i never posted this post/recipe, but thought better late than never!


As usual I just sort of threw together something and hoped for the best. I did a little research to see what ingredients were needed and roughly how it was made, however I had an idea of how I would make mine.

Typically the crumble requires flour along with oats. But as I didn’t have any flour at home I made the crumble just using oats, margarine, sugar and cinnamon.


This recipe is fairly simple… however scooping out the insides of the apple does take some time and you do need to be careful to not cut yourself. So if I am honest, It is simpler to just chop up an apple and fry in some margarine, cinnamon and stevia and top with some crumble. Or to just chop the apple, coat in a little melted vegan margerine, cinnamon and stevia and add to a baking dish or small portion size dishes and then coat with the crumble. That feels like a safer and more time consuming dish and recipe.



However, eating the whole baked apple does save dishes… sort of, hahah.

The best is to use a large apple type, sort as pink lady. Not to mention it won’t be as bitter as when you use a green apple, but those were the largest apple kind I could find.

Tips: My recommendation is to have some form of melon scooper, or other utensil which can help you scoop out the fillling of the apple.

Also note: If you do have brown sugar at home, i would recommend you use it instead of white sugar or stevia as it will give more of a caramell taste which works better with apples. When using white sugar or stevia with apples, which are already sweet, it can easily taste “too sweet”.


3-4 apples

1-2tsp cinnamon

1-2tsp stevia/sweetener

60g oats

2-3tbsp sugar/sweetener

1tsp cinnamon

1/2tsp salt

50-80g vegan margarine, at rooms temperature. Start off with 50g and add more as necessary.

Handful of chopped walnuts

Vegan vanilla custard

 How to:

Preheat your oven to 200 degrees celsius

Begin by cutting the apples in half, then try to scoop out as much of the “inside” as possible. Place those in a bowl and place the scooped out apple halves in a baking tray.

If the scooped out apple pieces are too big for your liking, you can chop them into smaller pieces!

In the bowl with the scooped out apple pieces, pour over a little cinnamon and stevia. Mix until all the apple pieces are coated in cinnamon and stevia. Then place those apple pieces back into the apple halves. Add some chopped walnuts on top.

Begin making the oat crumble. In a bowl add the oats, stevia, cinnamon, salt and vegan margarine (preferably at rooms temperature so it is a little soft). With your hands, mix and “Press” to form into crumbles.

The mix should not be too dry but not too “buttery” either. So start off with half of the margarine and add more as necessary. Once you have formed the mix into crumbles, place ontop of the apple halves.

Bake in the oven for 20-25 minutes, or until the apples are soft and the crumble has turned golden/brown.

Best eaten warm, preferably with some vanilla ice cream or custard.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. carol says:

    When I make stuffed apples I just remove the core leaving the apple itself whole- you can get a tool from the kitchen shops just for this. Then I just fill the cavity where the core was with stuffing and oven bake .


  2. So gonna have to try this recipe!! looks and sounds amazing xx


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