One pot taco pasta | Simple vegan dinner

One pot meals are the best quick, go to meals when you don’t have a lot of time… or don’t want to stand and do the dishes after you have cooked. You could of course limit the dishes even more by eating straight from the pot, hahah…. Or divide the dish into mealboxes and eat straight from the mealbox…. Because let’s be honest who really needs to eat from a bowl or plate if you live alone anyway.



One pot pasta basically means you add everything into one pot so you don’t have to both fry, bake and cook….  Though with this recipe you can of course fry the vegan soy mince beforehand if you are using vegan mince. But I just let mine defrost a little and then added straight to the pot… but that’s because I don’t mind the texture as it “is”. But you can skip the vegan soy mince if you aren’t a fan of fake meat.


You could always crumble in some tofu or tempeh otherwise….  Or just add some more blackbeans!

Like I mentioned in my Instagram caption (HERE), you could also turn this into a baked taco pasta by placing everything into a baking dish, coating in some breadcrumbs and more cheese and then baking in the oven for about 20 minutes.

This recipe works great to be frozen and then reheated…. I used Violife cheese and it was still very creamy even after being reheated. So this makes for a great mealprep!!



Pasta of choice
Vegan soymince
Taco spice
Vegan cheese (&add vegan creme fracihe if the cheese doesn’t melt so good).
Optional: taco sauce/tomato sauce

How to:
Boil pasta. Once done drain.

Add the beans, corn, tomato; taco spice mix.

Add grated cheese (&vegan creme fraiche). Mix. Allow the cheese to melt slightly.

Serve warm and enjoy.

You can also turn this into baked taco pasta by putting everything into a baking dish. Coating with some breadcrumbs and more cheese. Also adding more sauce. Then bake for about 20-30 minutes.


lrm_export_91016864590281_20190706_204857720.jpegI know this isn’t so much of a recipe… but hopefully you enjoy it and get inspired anyway 🙂

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