Vegan chickpea pancake | Updated 2019

It’s been a long time coming, but finally i got arounnd to updating the recipe for the chickpea pancakes/omeletes i always make and love.


I do have an old recipe, HERE, but it is basically just a 1:1 ratio of flour and water…. which works great and is basically the standard recipe you need to follow. And then of course using lots of seasoning…. more than you would think is my recommendation.

But i decided it was time to update the recipe to give exact measurements, so i filmed a video showing you how i make my chickpea pancake on Instagram (HERE). And a recipe to along with it.


It wasn’t so long ago that i first found out about chickpea flour and since then love it and has become a standard food i have at home.

I don’t know if the quality or properties of chickpea flour can vary with the brand, i.e some you may need more or less liquid (?), as i have only ever used one brand of chickpea flour i can’t say if it varies. But considering that chickpea flour should be made of just dried chickpeas, it shouldn’t vary so much between brands.

Some nutrition facts about chickpea flour:

Well, as mentioned above it is dried chickpeas turned into flour. The flour on it’s own doesn’t taste so good, hence why i say to use more seasoning than you think.

  •  Because it is made from chickpeas it is also rich in protein, 100g (dry weight) is around 20g protein. I have not measured out how much chickpea flour you use per portion in grams, but maybe around 30-50g, so you get about 6-10g protein per pancake. Which sure is alot, making it a great snack or even main meal.
  • It is also fiberrich, but not as rich in fiber as the whole bean… however because it is ground up into flour people who are sensitive to too much beans may find it easier to digest the flour than the whole bean.
  • And lastly, it is a source of iron and folate which are two important minerals, where folate is super important for women who want to – or are – pregnant!


I call these chickpea pancakes, but sometimes i add vegetables, beans, onion, tofu to the mix and fry and then it becomes more of an omelette than a pancake. You can of course even make waffles out of this mix! (Recipe for the chickpea waffles)


This is just the base recipe, and you can add veggies, tofu, different spices to the mix. Or even using nutritional yeast and kala namak (a type of black salt) which can give it an eggy taste if you want it to be more of a pancake.

Also a tip is to WHISK the flour with the water/liquid, to make it more airy and fluffy so that it gets air bubbles and becomes fluffy. If you just whisk with a fork ot can become slightly dense and thicker.

And lastly… these are best eaten warm, directly after frying… and not storing in the fridge to eat later.


For 1 large pancake. 

150ml chickpea flour

100-120ml water

1/4 tsp baking powder

1/4 tsp salt

2-3 tsp nutritional yeast

1/4 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp onion powder

(Optional: add some diced onion, bell pepper, tofu, black beans to the mix … or add them afterwards to make a sort of crepe).

How to:

Add the chickpea flour, seasoning and baking powder to a bowl. Mix. Then add the water while continuously whisking. Whisk until well combined.

Then let the mix stand for a while when you heat a frying pan with some oil (don’t use too much as the pancake can easily turn oily then). Fry on medium heat, about 3-4 minutes on each side.

Eat warm as it is, or add some toppings to make the meal more filling.

This is one of my favourite snacks at the moment and i can eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!!! The seasoning and fillings can vary endlessly.

If you try this recipe, let me know what you think… and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram: Itsahealthylifestyle


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Scot Rubin says:

    Looks awesome. Glad i found the blog. Great stuff…a great example for a new blogger! 🥕🛵


  2. Fiona McDonald says:

    I skip the onion & garlic powder but add a heaped tablespoon of potato flour, some black salt & organic tumeric powder – totally agree about the whisking! Then I just wrap around avocado, lemon juice, salt flakes & smoked paprika – only takes a few minutes. So Good!


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