Date- peanutbutter balls

Since buying a new foodprocessor/mixer (I have been using a handmixer for the past few months), all I have wanted to do is use it for everything I make. Hence why there is so much nice cream, hummus and falafel on my Instagram… because I just want to blend everything, hahah.

I bought a mixer that wasn’t too expensive, i.e the Vitamix which almost all vegan Instagram and Youtubers rave about just wasn’t in my budget. So I wanted something that would be good, i.e able to mix almost frozen berries and bananas and not break. But also not cost a fortune.

And I am very glad with the blender I bought.

I might make a post with a bunch of recipes to make with a foodmixer/processor… incase you also feel like using your new kitchen appliance a bunch ( a bit like I did when I first got my airfryer!).

So… none of you are here to read about my passion for kitchen appliance.. but here for the recipe of these peanutbutter-date balls.

Tasty, sweet and filled with both energy and nutrients. The type of snack that you just need one or two and then your sweet tooth is satisfied (hopefully!). And if you are in need of your snack to be extra sweet, cover in chocolate like I did… but that is of course optional. These taste great without the added chocolate as well!

Make these as a snack or dessert… or this could even be the base of a raw food cake/bars!


15 dates, pitted. Note, use fresh dates and not the dry ones.

3-4tbsp peanut butter, crunchy or smooth… whichever you prefer.

75ml rolled oats.

Pinch of cinnamon.

50-80g melted chocolate (vegan)

(Optional, add some cacao to the mix or vanilla or why not a pinch of sea salt if you use unsalted peanut butter).

How to:

In a good foodmixer add all the ingredients. Make sure to take the pit out of the dates beforehand.

Mix until it begins to come together, not too wet and not so dry that it crumbles. If it is too wet you can just add 1-2tbsp more oats, and if it is too dry and won’t stick together you can just add in 1-2 more dates.

Once mixed to the right consistency, form into balls. Then place in the freezer while you begin to melt the chocolate.

I melt my chocolate in a waterbath, i.e bring water to a boil in a pot. Then place a plate (which can handle the heat) ontop of the pot. Add the chocolate and allow the chocolate to melt. Turning off the heat after half the time as the chocolate will continue to melt from the steam/hot water in the pot.

You can of course melt your chocolate in the microwave, heating it in 20 second intervals so as to not burn the chocolate.

Once the chocolate is melted, take the date balls out of the freezer and roll/coat in chocolate. Place in the fridge for 30-60+ minutes so that the chocolate firms up.

Then eat and enjoy!!

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