Frozen grape ice cream| Vegan

I am not a sorbet person… I am the type of person who likes my ice cream creamy… but also to have lots of different ingredients in the ice cream such as cookie dough, brownie pices, nuts and caramel sauce.

So to call this ice cream is almost an insult to ice cream…. Though I guess I could call it a grape sorbet.


Whatever you want to call it… it is DELICIOUS and amazing in the warm weather.

All you need is grapes…. And then of course if you want to top it with something, but it is tasty just as it is.

Note* you don’t want to let it dethaw too much as then it can turn watery, so only make the amount you want to eat within 30-60 minutes… or make a big batch and place the rest which you won’t eat back in the freezer. And then just defrost that when you want to eat it.  But it doesn’t really work to let it dethaw too much so it turns watery and then freezing again.

So how do you make this…?

All you need is a good foodmixer and grapes.


Choose organic grapes – as unorganic grapes can contain/have a lot of pesticides and chemicals on them. Also… if you can afford them, making this recipe using cottoncandy grapes can make this 10 times better!!!

How to:

Rinse grapes – buy seedless grapes. Then place in the freezer for several hours.

20 minutes before making the ice cream, take the grapes out of the freezer and defrost slightly… just to limit the risk of breaking your foodmixer! Then, place all the grapes into the foodmixer and blend until smooth.

You can then place in a bowl and eat as it is or with some toppings… or place into icecream trays, back into the freezer for about 60 minutes…. And then you can grape ice cream on a “stick”.

Such a refreshing snack…. Almost better than a green smoothie!!!

Try this out… and don’t forget to let me know what you think!


*Inspiration from Ekotipset on Instagram*

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