Zucchini and carrot burgers with like sauce : gluten free

Making bean burgers really isn’t my thing… I feel like using the vegan “formbar färs” works great for me. Not to mention that I am not a huge fan of eating bean burgers… something about the texture which is often just too mushy. However I have made some peaburgers in the past which actually are really good… and they were just a throw together meal I made when filming the video, “only eating green food for a day” on YouTube.

In the past I have made some blackbean and quinoa burgers which also taste great… but once again, I am someone who prefers the meaty texture when it comes to burgers. This is just personal preference. And I know thatmany people – vegan or not, actually prefer bean burgers. Using “wholefoods” and cooking from scratch.

So when I had some zucchini and carrots at home which needed to be used I thought I should give zucchini burgers/fritters a try. In the past I have only used flour or oat flour as the bindining flour in burgers, but thought it was time I give chickpea flour a go in burgers. Not only does it make these gluten free, but it helps to increase the protein in these burgers. When vegan burgers are made from beans or quinoa they add protein. Of course, let’s not focus too much on protein considering that you could eat something protein rich such as some hummus, quinoa or tofu with these fritters… or just eat other protein rich meals throughout the day.

So, none of you are here to read about my dislike for bean burgers or the protein content in these burgers… instead you are here for the recipe, so that is exactly what is coming next.


1 zucchini – grated

3-4 medium carrots, grated

Around 120ml chickpea flour

Salt & pepper

Oil to fry in

Seasoning of choice – example some garlic and onion powder.

Serve with rice or some airfryed potatoes and broccoli.

Lime cilantro sauce:

Around 150ml vegan crème fraiche

1tbsp runny tahini

Around 1-2tbsp chopped cilantro, depending on your preference

3tbsp lime juice

1tsp maple syrup

Salt and pepper

Optional, 1-2 crushed garlic cloves

How to

Start off by boiling rice or preparing the potatoes, depending on what you want to serve these burgers with.

Start making the burgers by grating the zucchini and carrot using the larger grater holes. Then, pour over some salt and let sit for 10 minutes, so that the salt can draw out some of the water in the zucchini.

After 10-15 minutes, with clean hands, press as much water as you can from the zucchini and carrots. Then in a new bowl add the zucchini, carrots, chickpeaflour as well as seasoning. Mix until combined.

Then form into burgers and fry on medium heat in some oil. Fry until golden brown on both sides.

In the meantime, make the sauce by combining all the ingredients together, taste and adjust according to preference.

Eat and enjoy.

I wasn’t fully sure how these burgers would turn out as I wasn’t using any flour, but according to me they did turn out very good. And I am loving using chickpea flour at the moment….. got some other ideas about how to use chickpea flour in other dishes!

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