Mango salsa: Perfect for tacos

What i love about tacos is that the fillings can vary endlessly…. despite being called tacos it’s never really the same meal.

Soft tortilla bread or hard taco shell.

Vary vegetables. Vary the beans. Vary the “meat” i.e soy meat, tofu crumbles, lentil mix, walnut “mince” etc

Guacamole, salsa, creme fraiche, pickled onion….

How can you not love tacos hahaha…..

Sauce on tacos is a must for me… but also salted peanuts. Call me crazy, but i love adding peanuts to my tacos. I guess i am that strange person who also loves pineapple on pizza and fruit in my food ūüėć

A new delicious taco filling/topping is mango salsa. Typically i think this works with fish dishes… from what i understand. But is also great paired with or on some tacos.

So next time you make tacos…. give this salsa a go!


1 mango or arbout 250g defrosted mango

1/2 red onion

1/2 red chilli

Coriander or parsley or mint

1-2 tbsp lime juice

Pinch of salt

Optional is to add some cucumber or even diced tomto

How to:

Dice everything into small pieces. Mix together. Taste and adjust salt/lime according to preference!

You could even mix everything in a food processor to make more of a sauce… either mix it smooth or mix so that it still has some chunky pieces!!!

A very simple recipe but those are important to share as well!!!

Let me know… do you have any must haves on your tacos?

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