Vegan donuts recipe!


Fried dough

Eating or making doughnuts is a thought that rarely crosses my mind… it has always seemd a little complicated, time consuming and a little frightening to fry in hot oil i.e due to the risk of burning myself with the boiling oil.

The last time i wanted to make donuts was back in 2015/2016 i think, and the results was good…. but not quite so good that i wanted to make them on a monthly basis. I also remember that it was mostly me who ate all the donuts, hahah.

3-4 years later, and i got cravings for donuts. I admit what triggered the post was a picture in a Facebook group. Some people get triggered to eat salads and healthy foods when they see picture of them online… i am the opposite. I see someone make donuts… i want to make them as well, hahahah.

I followed THIS recipe, and you can see me make the donuts in my latest YouTube video, HERE. You should be able to translate the recipe to english, otherwise you can see my video for the quantities and how to make the donuts!

Making donuts isn’t actually as hard as you may think. I am pretty sure you can bake donuts as well, and then maybe using a donut form . But as mentioned, i decided to fry the donuts.

So… from my experience of frying the donuts.Well, 1: I think you need enough oil to fully cover the donuts… however i used just a layer at the bottom/covering half the donut and it worked fine.

2: You want the oil warm, but not so hot that it burns the outside of the doughtnuts before the dough is fully cooked on the inside. Otherwise you will end up with burnt, but still very doughy doughnuts. Not optimal!

3: Shake away some of the excess oil once fried and then place on a rack or some household paper.

For the recipe i followed, i did use my kitchen blender to mix the dough for 10-15 minutes. In the recipe it didn’t say anything about using a kitchen blender, so i am sure you can just knead the dough for 10-15 minutes instead. But it is of course much easier to just use a kitchen blender to do the work for you!

I topped my doughnuts with melted chocolate, salted peanuts, used sprinkles for some and covered some of the doughnuts in sugar. In my opinion, the best doughnuts were the ones with chocolate and salted peanuts.

In the future, i may try making filled doughnuts!!

Note, the sprinkles i used are vegan. But do check that the sprinkles YOU use don’t have e120, gelatin, honey or beeswax!

In total this recipe made about 20-25 donuts. So if you are just making for a few people, you may want to half the recipe.

I froze in the donuts that i didn’t eat right away, and they still taste great after being reheated in the microwave for 30-60 seconds. So you could of course make a huge batch and then just freeze in for when you get some donut cravings 🙂

Don’t forget to watch my YouTube vidoe when making these donuts, and subscribe to my channel if you haven’ät already as i try to post once a week with different recipes, updates, what i eat in a day etc

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