Homemade simple bread loaf

Bread is one of the best things i know. I would definitely rank it as one of my top 10 favourite foods , and if it is freshly baked bread it will be up at my top 5 favourite foods.

However i am not a huge fan of store bought bread… unless it is one of those fancy fruit and seed breads which is freshly baked. Of course when i crave bread and don’t feel like baking my own or don’t have enough time to bake my own, then i buy bread. But my favourite will always be home made.

In the past i have made banana bread – still want to work on bettering this recipe, and also investing into a bread loaf so i can make an actual banana bread loaf. I have also made simple scones, which is typically my go to when i crave bread. And when i have a bit more time, then i will make these carrot buns (which are amaazing according to me).

But la fwe days ago i was craving bread and didin’t feel like grating carrots or making carrot bread. So i thought…. why not try make a simple bread loaf. So that is what i did and the results was SO GOOD.

No expensive or strange ingredients. Just simple ingredients you most likely have at home. The actual prepartion time isn’t long either… it is just the yeasting time which takes a while, about 1hour 15 min total. And then the bake time of 35 minutes.

This recipe also has no fat in it… and i am not sure how it would turn out if you added margarine or oil in the recipe.

I decided to use water with vegetable stock to add more flavour, but you can absolutly skip that and instead just use water and instead season a whole bunch instead.

You can top the bread with some nuts or seeds on top, example some sesame seeds o walnuts. You could even decide to add some nuts, seeds and dried fruit into the bread mix. Or you could just keep it super simple with no extra ingredients.

If you have the ingredients at home and have somet ime over… definitely give this recipe a go. Great to freeze in as well 🙂

Recipe: 1 bread loaf time: 2.5 hours

14g dry yeast

660g flour

1 tbsp sugar (optional)

600ml water

1/2 tsp bicarbonate

Sea salt


1 tbsp oil

In a baking bowl, add the flour and yeast. Mix with a wooden spoon an allow sit for 10 minutes, by doing this it helps slowly activate the yeast. Optional add a tabelspoon of sugar, as the sugar can help the yeast work and rise. Add the bicabonate to the flour mix.

In a bowl heat water (optional, 1 vegetable stock) to 37C, roughly finger temperature – not too hot as that can deactivate/kill the yeast. Once fingertempetarue, add to the flour mix along with 2-3 tbsp salt.

Then by hand or in a food processor with a baking hook, mix until combined and a dough has become to form. Cover with a baking cloth (optional, place a plate over to trap the heat in), allow to rise for 45 minutes. Placing the bowl in a warm place can help it yeast and rise better.

Then after 45 minutes, place the dough on a baking tray and form in your desired loaf form or you could turn into small buns but then the baking time may vary.

Cover with a clothe again and allow to rise for 30-45 minutes.

Preheat oven to 200c.

Before baking add some sea salt, parlsey and oil on top. Make ridges in the bread to better help bake evenly.

Bake in thhe oven for 30-35 minutes.

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