Baked potato tots – 2 ingredients

All the things you can do with potatoes and I’ve never made these incredibly simple potatoe tots.

Or well i have made sweet potato tots in the airfryer which are still just as simple. You can see me make them in a video, HERE, and the recipe is HERE.

Potatoes are a favourite of mine. Mostly i eat them just roasted in the oven with some salt, garlic and a little oil. A simple classic.

But sometimes you want to switch things up 🙂

I am thinking i should make a masterpost of potato recipes so if anyone else is tired of eating potatoes the same way!!!

If you have a favourite way to eat potatoes, let me know in the comments below!

So how do you make these potato tots…? Well i have a video showing you how i make them coming up… but as they are so simple you barely need instructions!


Potatoes – use a firm sort, i.e no floury potatoes. Around 400-500g.

Seasoning of choice, i used salt, black pepper and chives. (Onion or garlic powder works as well. And you could even add things like sweet corn, bell pepper etc to the mix)

Oil – optional

How to:

Begin by washing and peeling the potatoes. Then parboil them, meaning that you coil until they are slightly soft, but not all the way cooked so they are mushy.

Note – don’t chop the potatoes as you are going to grate them.

It took about 5-7 minutes until the potatoes reached the right softness. However if you use bigger potatoes it might take longer.

Once parboiled, pour away the water and place in the fridge to cool down. After about 15 minutes the potatoes should be cold enough to handle and grate.

Using the side of the grater with bigger holes, grate the potatoes.

Add salt, pepper and seasoning of choice. Mix together.

Cover a baking tray with parchment paper.

Preheat the oven to 210C

With your hands, form the grated potatoes into small “tot” shapes. Not too big and not too small. The starch from the potatoes should help form and hold together the potato tots.

Place the tots on the baking tray. Optional, drizzle with a little oil.

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes, turning over after half the time.

Eat warm with sauce of choice.

Such a simple recipe but turned out so good!!! I am sure you can bake these in an airfryer as well but then you can’t bake as many at a time.

Also how many potatoes you use depends on how many tots you want to make!

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